How to grow kangaroo paw from seed

It’s hard to pass kangaroo paw plants for their striking flowers and stunning display of colours. While this native Australian plant looks hardy, it’s quite easy to grow from seed and is relatively low maintenance.

Prevalent to Western Australia, Kangaroo Paw plants grow naturally in bushlands and wildflower fields South West of the state, where they’ve been used for Aboriginal folk medicines for many years.

The plant’s long clusters of claw-like tubular flowers have a unique furry texture that gives them their iconic name and makes them a striking addition to any garden and beautiful cut flowers to display in the home. Learn how to grow kangaroo paw from seed below.

How to grow kangaroo paw from seed

How to grow kangaroo paw from seed

Growing kangaroo paws from seed and caring for these established plants is easy, especially if you live in a relatively dry climate. Kangaroo paw seeds germinate best in cooler temperatures, so it’s best to start seeds inside during autumn or winter. Fill a tray with light sandy soil and sow seeds thinly on the surface. Spread a light layer of seed raising mix on top, lightly water and cover with a clear plastic tray to help preserve the moisture. Place the tray in a warm shady position to germinate fully. Germination will take up to 6 weeks, so be patient.

When seeds start to germinate, remove the plastic tray cover and transfer the seedlings to larger pots or the garden when they’ve grown their second set of leaves. Kangaroo paw plants thrive being planted in sandy, slightly acidic soil and require full sun for most of the day. Contrary to belief, kangaroo paw plants require a moderate amount of moisture, but be careful not to overwater them to prevent root rot. Flowers should emerge one year after sowing seeds.

Sow: all year round

Seeds germinate: up to 6 weeks

Soil type: sandy, slightly acidic and well-drained soil

Sunlight: full sun

Flowers emerge: one year after sowing seeds

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