The Significance of Australian Made Certification: Supporting Local Industries and Quality Assurance

In today’s world, we all know how important it is to support local industries that contribute to our country’s economic and social well-being. That’s why the Australian Made certification is such a big deal. It’s a symbol of quality, authenticity, and ethical manufacturing practices that help promote products made within Australia’s borders.

Getting this certification has many benefits for businesses and consumers alike, like promoting transparency and accountability, supporting local economies, and preserving jobs. It also plays a vital role in fostering national pride and driving sustainable growth.

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Sow’ n Sow has obtained the prestigious Australian Made certification and logo. This official recognition reaffirms our commitment to supporting the local economy, promoting sustainability, and delivering products of exceptional quality.

Continue reading to learn more about the significance of the Australian Made logo and our reasons for obtaining this certification.

What is the Australian Made Certification and Logo?

In an increasingly globalised marketplace, where products are sourced from various corners of the world, the significance of supporting local industries and ensuring product quality cannot be overstated.

In Australia, the Australian Made certification plays a crucial role in promoting and safeguarding Australian made products. This certification not only helps consumers make informed choices but also supports the growth of domestic businesses, stimulates the national economy, and fosters a sense of pride in homegrown products.

The Australian Made certification and logo is administered by Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL). The certification is a trusted mark that verifies the authenticity and origin of products, indicating that they have been manufactured or grown within Australia.

The Australian Made logo serves as a symbol of quality and reliability, assuring consumers that the products they are purchasing meet strict Australian standards. It allows consumers to make informed choices that support local businesses and contribute to the country’s economy.

Find out more about the history of the Australian Made Campaign, stringent accreditation process and significance of the logo here.

Sow ‘n Sow is Australian Made Certified

For over 13 years, Sow’ n Sow has been dedicated to producing a range of Australian-made gifts. While our products have always been manufactured locally, receiving the Australian Made certification is a true mark of Aussie authenticity. It serves as a testament to our adherence to strict Australian standards and our unwavering commitment to creating high-quality products that are genuinely Australian.

Achieving this certification is not only a reflection of our own efforts but also a result of the support and collaboration of our network of local suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and loyal customers. Together, we have worked towards creating sustainable and ethically produced gifts that align with the values of the Australian Made campaign.

At Sow’ n Sow, we are deeply committed to sustainability. Throughout our production process, we have implemented environmentally friendly practices to reduce our ecological footprint. From using sustainable materials to minimising waste and supporting eco-friendly manufacturing techniques, we ensure that our Australian made gifts not only meet the highest quality standards but also align with our core values of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

By choosing Sow ‘n Sow products with the Australian Made logo, you can have confidence in the authenticity, quality, and support for local industries. Each purchase contributes to the growth and sustainability of Australian businesses and helps maintain a vibrant local economy.

Sow ‘n Sow’s Story

Sow ‘n Sow was founded in 2010 by Michelle Brady, who in seeking a more creative and flexible career, combined her love for plants and gardens with the dream of running her own business.

The idea for Sow’ n Sow’s first product came to Michelle when, after years of giving packets of seeds to her friends to share the joy of gardening, she realised she could create a product that combined a packet of seeds with a greeting card.

Sow ‘n Sow’s founding products line, Gift of Seeds, now comprises over 25 varieties and is the main product line for Sow ‘n Sow’s sustainable giftware range along with a curated range of products that complement their vision, including traditional Flower Presses, Gift Tags and Pop Up Pots – an innovative foldable pot that assembles with a quick pop.

Michelle takes pride in the manufacturing process of Sow ‘n Sow products. Each element is produced in different locations across Australia, while the assembly of the products takes place by hand in the Sow ‘n Sow studio located in Maleny, Queensland. Below is a brief overview of the history and manufacturing locations for each product line. 

Where are Sow ‘n Sow Products Made?

Gift of Seeds

Back in 2010, Michelle Brady reimagined the way seeds are shared and launched the first collection of Gifts of Seeds, spreading the joy of gardening over miles. Each pack featured botanical illustrations by the talented Melbourne artist Daniella Germain and was printed in Geelong, Victoria.

Fast forward to today, and Daniella’s artistic touch still graces every Gift of Seed pack we release. We are incredibly proud to maintain this special collaboration, as it ensures the continuity of the unique charm that defines our products. We also continue to partner with the same trusted, family-run printing company in Geelong.

Flower Presses

Since 2014, when we introduced our very first Australian-made Flower Press, we’ve been on a journey of growth and creativity. Our range has expanded to include nine unique designs and sizes, each showcasing beautiful hand-drawn illustrations by talented Australian artists.

Our Flower Presses are meticulously cut by a dedicated family-run business based in Brisbane, and the final touch happens right here in our Queensland studio, where our passionate team assembles each Flower Press by hand. It’s a labour of love that adds a personal touch to every piece, making each one truly special.

Pop Up Pots

Michelle’s vision of creating a mail-friendly pot to accompany a Gift of Seeds came to light in 2019. After numerous prototypes, the innovative foldable, waterproof plant pot was born, bringing convenience and joy to plant enthusiasts everywhere.

Our Pop Up Pots, which are proudly made in Melbourne, are the result of innovative closed-loop material manufacturing that diverts post-industrial waste and used consumer products from landfill.

Crafted from 100% recycled, non-toxic polypropylene, these pots are not only environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable but are also certified carbon neutral and feature original acrylic artwork by Newcastle-based artist Jackie Anderson.

Why it’s Important to Buy Australian Made Products

By choosing products with the Australian Made logo, you play a vital role in supporting jobs and economic development within Australia, contributing to the growth and development of industries, and ensuring their continued success. Below are our top reasons for buying Australian made products.

Authenticity and Quality Assurance

The Australian Made certification is a highly regarded symbol that guarantees products are genuinely made in Australia. This certification verifies that products have undergone stringent assessments to ensure their authenticity and compliance with the highest quality standards. By choosing certified products, you can have confidence in your purchase, knowing that you are supporting local industries and receiving goods of superior quality.

Supporting Local Industries

One of the primary objectives of the Australian Made certification is to support and promote Australian businesses. By purchasing products with the certification, you actively contribute to the growth and sustainability of local industries, which, in turn, creates jobs and stimulates economic development. Supporting domestic businesses fosters innovation, encourages investment in research and development, and ensures that skills and expertise remain within the country.

Environmental and Ethical Considerations

Australian Made certification also emphasises the importance of sustainable practices and ethical manufacturing processes. To obtain certification, businesses must meet strict criteria regarding environmental impact, fair employment practices, and adherence to relevant laws and regulations. By choosing Australian-made products, you can align your purchasing decisions with your values, promoting sustainability and responsible production.

Transparency and Consumer Choice

The Australian Made certification provides transparency in the marketplace by clearly identifying products that are genuinely Australian made. It empowers consumers to make informed choices and support local industries consciously. By displaying the certification logo on products, businesses facilitate consumer trust and differentiate themselves from imported goods, allowing customers to actively support the local economy.

Economic Benefits

The Australian Made certification contributes significantly to the national economy by bolstering local businesses. When you choose certified products, it stimulates demand, increases sales, and generates revenue within the country. This, in turn, creates a positive ripple effect across various sectors, such as manufacturing, agriculture, and retail. By supporting Australian-made products, you contribute to the overall economic growth and stability of the nation.

Where Can I Shop Australian Made Certified Products?

The Australian Made Campaign website is an excellent resource for finding and shopping for Australian Made certified products. It provides a comprehensive directory of companies that have been granted the Australian Made certification, ensuring that the products are genuinely made or grown in Australia.

To shop for Australian Made certified products, visit the Australian Made Campaign website here.

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