Sow ‘n Grow


Raise funds for your school or a charity with a Sow ‘n Grow fundraiser by Sow ‘n Sow. It’s easy, fun, and sustainable!

What is a Gift of Seeds?

A Gift of Seeds cleverly combines a greeting card with a packet of seeds to form a gift to grow.

Each pack is made in Australia from 100% recycled materials and includes a packet of seeds, a tearaway plant label for marking where seeds have been planted and an envelope for gifting or mailing purposes.

The who and the how

Who Can Host a Sow ‘n Grow Fundraiser?

Any registered charity, school, early learning centre, community group or organisation can host a Sow ‘n Grow Fundraiser

All funds raised must go towards a project that will benefit a charity or the community. Individuals must provide written proof from the charity they are fundraising on behalf of when applying to host a Sow ‘n Grow Fundraiser. 

How To Sell Them

  • To friends and family (we don’t advise door knocking)
  • At school fetes and fairs
  • Charity or school gift stalls (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas etc.)
  • At administration counters (stands available)
  • Fundraising events (trivia nights etc.)

We provide digital promotional materials to help you raise awareness for your fundraiser.

Pricing info

Cost To Purchase

$4.50 each excluding GST and shipping. Minimum order quantity is 25 packs.

Sell Them For

RRP: $10.00 each ($5 profit per pack)

Profits You Could Earn

Below are examples of how much you could earn for your fundraiser:

  • Qty Profit
  • 25 $125
  • 50 $250
  • 100 $500
  • 150 $750
  • 200 $1,000
  • 300 $1,500

Apply now

Apply to host a Sow ‘n Grow Fundraiser. Once approved, we will send you an order form to complete.

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