How To Pop

From a flat position, remove the packaging then push the sides in with firm pressure. Ensure that the two locking nibs at the centre of the base interlock. You can squeeze quite firmly, don’t be shy!
The base of the pot should look like this:



If it doesn’t look quite right, go back to flat and start again.
The base of the pots usually fall into the correct position naturally when the sides are squeezed however sometimes the closure tabs get caught on each other and fall out of order.
Simply reset the order of the closure tabs by flattening and starting again.

You can also manually arrange the tabs by hand, just make sure the base matches the diagram above to ensure your pot is strong and sturdy.


Origami Inspired Planters

Pop Up Pots are foldable planters which assemble with a quick pop and a push.

Designed for direct planting or for use as a pot sleeve, Pop up Pots are made from 100% recycled polypropylene so they won’t break down or disintegrate from watering.

Once you’ve assembled the pot, plant your favourite indoor plants, herbs or flowers using quality potting mix. Water will drain through the base of the pot for plants to flourish.

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