Start a family tradition with a flower press

Family traditions are one of the many things that shape our individual identities while keeping us connected to our families. Some families have traditions that date back many generations while other’s are just starting their first. It’s important to keep old traditions going, but if you’re looking to start a new one, why not start with flower pressing?

Flower presses can form the beginning of a beautiful tradition that lasts many generations while providing everlasting keepsakes. And by starting a tradition with a flower press, the press itself becomes a family heirloom that can be passed down through generations.

How to press flowers using a flower press

Four flower pressing traditions

  1. Press flowers from every family member’s wedding bouquet
  2. Press flowers and leaves from your garden each season
  3. Press your child’s birth month flowers when they’re born
  4. Press wedding anniversary flowers or special celebration flowers

You can display your pressed flowers in glass frames that can be hung on a wall or in a book that can be passed down through generations. It’s up to you how you choose to preserve your flowers for future generations to enjoy.

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How to press flowers using a flower press

Pressing Daisy’s first birthday blooms

“Primrose came to me with a genius idea, one that I was sooooo proud of; an idea she knew I would love…

Just the day before, I agreed with her how beautiful Daisy’s first birthday blooms looked on our dining table and it was a pity they were starting to wilt… Of course, her darling idea was to press-dry Daisy’s first birthday blooms so we could craft with them, bless her!

When nap time came around later that day, we sat together snipping away, placing birthday blooms ever so gently on our presses in hopes to savour their beauty just a little longer.

My plan furthermore is to display her pressed blooms in a clear frame. Perhaps to hang on her wall or pop away in her keepsake box scribed with: Flowers from your first birthday, so loving pressed by your big sister and framed by your mama.” – Andrea from @heartofblooms_

How to press flowers using a flower press

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