From Stocking Stuffers to Splurges: 30 Joyful Christmas Themed Gifts for Every Budget

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread joy and warmth than through the art of giving Christmas themed gifts?

As the holiday spirit begins to twinkle in the air, the anticipation of exchanging heartfelt presents becomes a delightful tradition. This Christmas, consider infusing your gift-giving with an extra dose of festive cheer by opting for Christmas themed gifts that evoke the enchantment of the season.

In a world where gestures of kindness and connection are cherished more than ever, selecting gifts that embody the spirit of Christmas goes beyond the act of giving. It becomes a celebration of togetherness, nostalgia, and the joy that comes from sharing the magic of the season with those we hold dear.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the significance of Christmas themed gifts, offering insights into why they hold a special place in our hearts and how they have the power to turn a simple exchange into a memorable experience. Plus, we’ve hand selected 30 joyful Christmas themed gifts to help you spread festive cheer regardless of your budget.

Whether you’re looking to surprise a family member, friend, or colleague, join us on a festive journey as we unwrap the magic behind the art of giving Christmas themed gifts.

Why Give Christmas Themed Gifts?

The Nostalgia of Tradition

Christmas is a time steeped in tradition, a season where we find comfort and joy in the familiar. Christmas-themed gifts tap into this nostalgia, allowing us to revisit cherished memories of past holidays. Whether it’s the scent of freshly baked gingerbread or the sight of a classic ornament, these gifts have the remarkable ability to transport us back to the magic of childhood, creating a bridge between generations and fostering a sense of continuity.

Creating Lasting Memories

One of the beautiful aspects of Christmas themed gifts is their potential to create lasting memories. Unlike generic presents, a carefully chosen seasonal gift has the ability to become a cherished part of the recipient’s holiday traditions. It might be a set of Christmas themed pyjamas only worn in December or a set of festive mugs for sharing hot cocoa with loved ones. Each time these items are used, they serve as a heartwarming reminder of the joy and love shared during the holiday season.

A Personal Touch

Christmas themed gifts also offer a unique opportunity to add a personal touch to your presents. From customised ornaments with special dates or names to handcrafted decorations that showcase your thoughtfulness, these gifts go beyond the material and become a reflection of the relationship you share with the recipient. In a world inundated with mass-produced goods, the effort put into selecting or creating a personalised Christmas gift speaks volumes about the depth of your connection.

Spreading Cheer Far and Wide

While Christmas themed gifts are often associated with close friends and family, they also serve as delightful tokens of appreciation for colleagues, neighbours and acquaintances. A small gesture, such as gifting a festive candle or a Christmas card with seeds, can brighten someone’s day and foster a sense of community. In a season that encourages goodwill and generosity, sharing the joy of Christmas through thoughtfully chosen gifts has the power to create a ripple effect of happiness.

30 Christmas Themed Gifts for All Budgets

Unwrap the magic with 30 Christmas themed gifts across all budgets. From gifts under $15 to under $100, this curated list sparkles with festive joy.

Discover charming choices like Christmas seed packets, giant candy canes, festive pyjamas and DIY cookie decorating kits that will elevate your gifting game without breaking the bank – because spreading holiday cheer should be magical for everyone!

Christmas Themed Gifts Under $15

Sow ‘n Sow Gift of Seeds

Sow ‘n Sow’s Christmas Gift of Seeds brings a unique and eco-friendly touch to the holiday season.

These beautifully designed greeting cards with seeds inside not only inspire joy but also promote sustainable living. With a variety of seed options, from festive flowers to aromatic herbs, recipients can nurture their green thumbs while embracing the spirit of giving.

It’s an affordable yet thoughtful present that keeps on giving, as the seeds bloom into a living reminder of the joyous Christmas moments shared.

Mr Stanley Giant Curly Candy Cane

Unwrapping joy on a budget has never been sweeter with Mr. Stanley’s Giant Curly Candy Cane, making it a star in our list for Christmas themed gifts.

Priced under $10, this whimsical treat is a perfect fit for Secret Santa exchanges, stocking stuffers, and delightful surprises for kids or staff.

The oversized candy cane brings nostalgic charm and a burst of peppermint flavour, evoking the festive spirit in every bite.

It’s an affordable indulgence that spreads cheer effortlessly, making it an irresistible choice for those seeking a delightful yet budget-friendly Christmas gift.

The Good Bakes Co Christmas Cookies Bake at Home Kit

Indulge in the warmth of the season with The Good Bakes Co Christmas Cookies Bake at Home Kit.

This delightful gift promises a festive experience for any age. The kit combines the joy of baking with the spirit of Christmas, offering pre-measured ingredients for perfectly baked cookies. It’s the perfect present for those who crave a hands-on holiday experience.

Affordable and thoughtful, this under $15 gem ensures that the gift recipient not only receives delicious cookies but also partakes in the joy of creating cherished Christmas treats.

Chocilo Chocolate Christmas Tree Trimmer

Elevate your Christmas tree decor with the Chocilo Chocolate Christmas Tree Trimmer, a festive steal at just $3.95.

This edible ornament is a whimsical delight. Crafted from creamy couverture milk chocolate and adorned with colourful 100s and 1000s, it adds a touch of sweetness to your holiday gifting.

Packaged with a ribbon for effortless hanging, this tree trimmer doubles as a unique stocking stuffer, gift accent, or even a delectable cake topper.

At this affordable price, it’s an irresistible way to infuse a little chocolatey magic into your Christmas celebrations.

Spoilt Gifts Christmas Wine Charms

Introducing the Spoilt Gifts Christmas Wine Charms – a delightful gift addition to festive celebrations without breaking the bank at just $14!

These whimsical charms are a budget-friendly yet thoughtful gift for any Secret Santa exchange. They transform holiday gatherings into memorable occasions by adding a touch of Christmas magic to each wine glass.

With charming designs that capture the spirit of Christmas, these wine charms not only bring joy but also keep everyone’s glasses in check.

Cheers to a season of joy, love, and delightful sips!

Beerenberg Merry Berry Jam

Delight in the sweet taste of the season with Beerenberg Merry Berry Jam.

An affordable Christmas gift under $10 that’s ideal for Secret Santa exchanges, thoughtful surprises for grandparents, or a delightful contribution to a homemade Christmas hamper.

Crafted in Australia, this jam has a rich blend of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants, making it a delectable treat for the festive season.

Share the taste of Australian holiday cheer with this affordable, flavourful gift that adds a touch of homemade warmth to your Christmas gifting traditions.

Christmas Themed Gifts Under $25

Sow ‘n Sow Pot and Seed Set

Unleash the joy of gardening with the Sow ‘n Sow Pot and Seed Set, a heartwarming gift priced under $25 that suits all ages.

Perfect Christmas themed gifts for Secret Santa presents, stocking stuffers, or thoughtful staff surprises, this versatile set is a green-thumb’s dream. Customise your gift by pairing any Pop Up Pot with a Christmas Gift of Seeds.

Crafted sustainably in Australia, the 100% recycled and carbon-neutral Pop Up Pot unfolds with ease, while the Gift of Seeds cleverly combines a card and seeds in one eco-friendly package.

Monista Tea Co. Christmas Tea House

Embrace the warmth of the season with Monista Tea Co.’s Christmas Tea House – a delightful gift under $25, perfect for Secret Santa, staff surprises, or any adult on your list.

This charming Christmas tree ornament isn’t just decoration; it conceals 10 organic tea bags, presenting a flavourful duo of 5 star organic Earl Grey tea and 5 mitten organic Christmas black tea.

Thoughtful and budget-friendly, this Christmas Tea House adds a touch of sweetness to your gift-giving, spreading the joy of organic, flavourful sips throughout the season.

Pashom Christmas Decoration

Infuse your Christmas with Aussie charm through Pashom’s Surfing Santa decoration, a budget-friendly gift under $25 that suits all ages.

Crafted with sustainability in mind by women in Nepal, this unique ornament captures the laid-back beach vibes Down Under.

Whether hung on your tree or gifted as a delightful accent, Santa on a surfboard embodies the festive spirit with a touch of Australian flair.

Wood With Words Stud Earrings

Unwrap the joy with Wood With Words Gift Present Wooden Stud Earrings – a charming gift proving that the best presents come in small packages.

These Christmas wooden stud earrings are the epitome of cute, adding a festive touch to anyone special in your life.

Perfect for end-of-year presents for teachers, coworkers, or essential workers, their petite size makes them an ideal addition to Christmas stockings too.

Thoughtfully crafted, these earrings bring holiday cheer in a subtle yet delightful way, making them a budget-friendly and stylish choice for spreading joy during the festive season.

Pebbly Path Pavlova Parkway Rocky Road

Indulge in the magic of an Aussie Christmas with Pebbly Path’s Pavlova Parkway Rocky Road, a luxurious limited-edition delight crafted in Mudgee, NSW.

Immerse yourself in a fusion of Pavlova and Rocky Road, featuring real meringue, passionfruit zing, freeze-dried berries, dried blueberry bursts, and creamy pistachios enveloped in rich chocolate.

Wrapped sustainably in 100% home compostable, biodegradable packaging, this unique treat is perfect for Christmas stockings, teacher’s gifts, or festive grazing boards.

Gift Me Again Reusable Christmas Crown

Elevate the joy of giving with Gift Me Again’s Reusable Christmas Crown—a perfect Christmas gift for anyone, regardless of your budget.

Handcrafted from remnants, these fabric crowns add a festive touch to homemade bon bons and table settings.

Loved by kids year-round, these one-size-fits-most crowns cater to both children and adults.

Reusable and reversible, they bring a fresh look to every celebration.

Happy Socks Candy Cane Socks

Step into the festive spirit with Happy Socks Candy Cane Socks—a joyful Christmas gift that won’t break the bank.

Priced to suit every budget, these socks add a playful touch to the holiday season. Featuring a vibrant candy cane pattern, they bring comfort and cheer to chilly evenings or days in the office.

Whether you’re dressing up for holiday parties or lounging around, these socks are a stylish and affordable way to embrace the Christmas spirit.

Ashdene Christmas Wonderland Mugs

Wrap your hands around the warmth of the season with an Ashdene Christmas Wonderland Mug—a delightful Christmas themed gift that caters to every budget.

This festive mug, adorned with enchanting holiday scenes, brings joy to your morning coffee or evening cocoa. Crafted with care, it makes a perfect and affordable present for spreading Christmas cheer.

Whether for a Secret Santa exchange or as a thoughtful gesture for friends and family, an Ashdene Christmas Wonderland Mug is a timeless way to add a touch of holiday magic to someone’s daily routine.

Christmas Themed Gifts Under $50

Gingerbread Folk Gingerbread House Kit

Unleash the festive fun with the Gingerbread Folk Gingerbread House Kit—a unique experience gift that suits any budget.

Perfect Christmas themed gifts for team-building activities, Secret Santa exchanges, delightful kids’ surprises, or a memorable family project. This kit is not just a gift; it’s an opportunity to create lasting holiday memories.

From assembling walls to decorating with sweet treats, it’s a hands-on adventure for all ages.

Sugar Rush DIY Cookie Decorating Kit

The Sugar Rush DIY Cookie Decorating Kit is the perfect Christmas gift, blending festive fun with a delicious twist.

Kids will delight in the hands-on joy of decorating their own cookies, fostering creativity and holiday spirit.

The kit caters to various budgets, offering an affordable yet delightful option for families seeking a shared activity.

Packed with colourful icing, sprinkles, and festive cookie shapes, it transforms into a flavourful adventure for both kids and adults.

Monista Tea Co. Tea For One Nutcracker Gift Set

For Christmas themed gifts under $50 that exude elegance and flavour, consider Monista Tea Co.’s Tea For One Nutcracker Gift Set.

Crafted from the finest black teas, the Very English Breakfast Nutcracker Edition is a medium-bodied and refreshing blend, perfect for breakfast enthusiasts.

This set, featuring an exquisite 100g tin of tea and a Monista Tea Silver Stick Infuser, caters to tea lovers seeking both quality and style.

The Nutcracker-themed packaging adds a festive touch, making it an ideal present for friends, family, or colleagues.

The Latte Jar Christmas Colour Original Latte Jar

Introducing The Latte Jar Christmas Colour Latte Jar – an enchanting Christmas gift that combines festive flair with practicality.

Adorned with a vibrant print featuring candy canes, Christmas trees, gingerbread people, baubles, stars, and Santa hats, this Original Latte Jar adds a touch of holiday cheer to any drink.

With a generous 470ml capacity, it’s ideal for homemade iced coffees, smoothies, cocktails, and juices.

To make it even more versatile, add a lid and straw for on-the-go sipping.

Kakadu Plum Co. Australian Bush Christmas Candle

Embrace the essence of the Australian Bush this Christmas with Kakadu Plum Co.’s Australian Bush Christmas Candle.

Encased in a Limited Edition festive packaging, the candle offers a choice between the popular Australian Bush or Honey & Floral scents.

Inspired by native flora, it transports you to the authentic fragrance of the Australian outback. Hand-poured in Sydney, the soy candle boasts a 40-hour burn time.

Beyond the delightful aroma, each candle comes in an eco-friendly cylinder packaging, presenting a thoughtful touch for sustainability.

Little Black Kat Pink Aussie Christmas Tea Towel

Add a touch of whimsy to your Christmas festivities with the Little Black Kat Pink Aussie Christmas Tea Towel.

This locally printed, 100% cotton towel is a festive masterpiece featuring playful motifs inspired by Australian animals, including kangaroos, koalas, and echidnas, alongside Christmas staples like gift boxes, candy canes, pavlovas, and baubles.

Illustrated, designed, and handmade by artist Kat Potter, it’s a unique and environmentally friendly gift.

Use it as a charming wall hanging, eco-conscious gift wrapping, or an addition to a Christmas hamper.

Purebaby Christmas Short Crinkle PJ Set

Make bedtime a festive delight with the Purebaby Christmas Short Crinkle PJ Set.

This two-piece top and short ensemble adds a touch of whimsy to dreamtime, boasting a sweet all-over Christmas print adorned with Australian animals sporting festive wear.

Crafted from certified 100% Organic Cotton muslin, it provides a soft and breathable option for summer sleepwear.

The playful design and commitment to organic materials make it a thoughtful and joyful Christmas gift for kids.

La La Land 1000 Piece Festive Forest Puzzle

Step into the enchanting realm of the Festive Forest Puzzle by La La Land – a whimsical 1000-piece jigsaw that seamlessly intertwines Australiana with Christmas enchantment.

Crafted from premium-grade cardboard, this puzzle ensures durability, promising hours of seamless enjoyment. Perfect for all ages, whether seasoned puzzlers or young explorers, it invites shared joy during festive gatherings or quiet solo pursuits.

The puzzle comes complete with a vibrant coloured poster, offering a beautiful keepsake of the breathtaking artwork.

Christmas Themed Gifts Under $100

Sow ‘n Sow Christmas Garden Gift Bundle

Give the gift of nature with the Sow ‘n Sow Christmas Garden Gift Bundle – a personalised delight for gardening enthusiasts.

Curate a unique bundle by mixing and matching a festive Gift of Seeds, a versatile Pop Up Pot, and a timeless Flower Press.

The recipient will love watching the seeds grow and bloom in the Pop Up Pot, and then preserving their favourite flowers in the Flower Press.

Sow ‘n Sow Seed Subscription

Elevate gifting with the Sow ‘n Sow Seed Subscription, a unique and enduring Christmas present.

Surprise a friend with the delight of receiving a curated Gift of Seeds in their letterbox every month for 6 or 12 months.

Tailored to the Australian seasons and planting schedules, this subscription promises a year-round connection to nature.

Starting the gift recipient’s subscription in December, they’ll receive a Christmas Gift of Seeds as their first delivery.

It’s the perfect way to spread the joy of gardening throughout the year.

Kim Wallace Christmas Tree Ornament

Illuminate your holiday with the Kim Wallace Christmas Tree Ornament – a stunning ceramic table decoration crafted from exquisite Australian porcelain clay.

Sculpted by hand and reproduced through slipcasting, each tree is a unique piece of art. Hand-dipped in a sage glaze, fired to stoneware temperatures for strength, and adorned with a true gold lustre star, these trees exude elegance.

Perfect for display on tables, windowsills, or hall tables, these ornaments are a timeless and budget-friendly gift for the festive season.

Centered Ceramics DIY Christmas Decorations Clay Kit

Capture the festive spirit with the Centered Ceramics DIY Christmas Decorations Clay Kit – a perfect gift for kids and adults alike.

This kit brings the joy of a pottery workshop to your home, offering a delightful crafting experience.

Packed with everything needed to create unique Christmas decorations including a How-To guide on crafting Christmas bells, ensuring a seamless and joyful process to creating personalised Christmas tree ornaments.

Pudding Lady Vintage Christmas Pudding

Indulge in the timeless tradition of the Pudding Lady Vintage Christmas Pudding – a perfect gift for staff, foodies, grandparents, or the entire family to savour.

Crafted from a cherished generational recipe, this pudding is a rich blend of plump fruit macerated in orange juice, moistened with rum and brandy, offering a delightful trip down memory lane.

Dark, rich, and delicious, each pudding is a masterpiece made with care from sun-dried fruits, Australian wheat flour, farm-fresh eggs, local spirits, and premium global spices.

Hand-finished, wrapped in cloth, and tied with ribbon, it continues to enchant with the warmth of festive nostalgia.

Homebodii Australian Animals Christmas Pyjamas

Delight women of all ages with the Homebodii Australian Animals Christmas Pyjamas – a perfect gift for the festive season.

This exclusive set, adorned with hand-drawn designs by celebrated artist Alexandria Nea, is a unique homage to Australia’s wildlife.

Made from 100% sustainable Tencel, the buttery soft fabric ensures ultimate comfort for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Gift this delightful pyjama set to spread holiday cheer and make Christmas memories in cozy, Aussie-inspired fashion.

The Ugly Xmas Rashie Adult Unisex Rashie

Dive into festive fun with The Ugly Xmas Rashie, the ultimate Christmas themed gift for beach and boating enthusiasts who embrace a good laugh.

This adult unisex rashie is the perfect blend of style and humour, designed for those who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Whether you’re hitting the waves or soaking up the sun, this quirky Christmas themed rashie adds a touch of holiday spirit to any beachside adventures. It’s a perfect gift for anyone with a love for the sea and a sense of humour.

Door Mates Merry Christmas Door Mat

The Door Mates Merry Christmas Door Mat is an ideal gift for home decor enthusiasts to enjoy during the festive season.

Perfect for those who love to deck their halls, this charming mat spreads holiday cheer right at the doorstep. It’s an excellent choice when you’re unsure what to gift, ensuring a warm welcome with its joyful design.

Additionally, for those who seem to have everything, this mat provides a thoughtful and practical touch to their holiday decorations.

Affordable, versatile, and brimming with Christmas spirit, it’s a wonderful way to share the joy of the season with friends and family.

As we navigate the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, let us not forget the true essence of Christmas—the spirit of giving. Christmas themed gifts, with their ability to evoke nostalgia, create lasting memories, and add a personal touch, embody the joy of sharing and connection that defines this magical time of year.

So, as you embark on your gift-giving journey this Christmas, consider the profound impact that a thoughtfully chosen, festive present can have, spreading warmth and cheer to all those fortunate enough to unwrap the magic within.

Gifts to Grow

Embedded and inspired by nature, Sow ’n Sow believe in purposeful gifting that doesn’t cost the planet.

From a small seed of an idea, Sow ’n Sow was dreamt up by founder Michelle Brady combining her love of gardening and flair for design in 2010.


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