10 ways a Gift of Seeds will solve your Christmas gift giving dilemmas

10 ways a Gift of Seeds will solve your Christmas gift giving dilemmas

From secret Santa and teacher presents to gifts that fit into stockings or can be sent in the mail, there are many gift giving dilemmas that can make searching for a Christmas gift more challenging than the ones you place under the tree.

A Gift of Seeds, however, is a thoughtful, sustainable and affordable gift that might solve many of your Christmas gift giving dilemmas. Continue reading to learn more about this Australian-made gift and how it’s a perfect present for many gift giving situations.

What is a Gift of Seeds?

A Gift of Seeds is a unique gift that cleverly combines a greeting card with a packet of seeds to form a gift to grow. Each pack features beautiful illustrations by Melbourne artist Daniella Germain and contains a packet of seeds, a plant label and an envelope for gifting or mailing purposes. There are over 25 varieties to choose from including a Christmas range containing flower or herb seeds. Shop our range of Gift of Seeds here.

10 Christmas gift giving dilemmas solved

Greeting card

There’s something special about sending festive cards with well wishes to your loved ones near and far at Christmas. Each year over 100 million Christmas cards are sent in Australia alone. If you love nothing more than participating in this thoughtful Christmas activity, then why not surprise your card recipients with a Gift of Seeds this year? They’ll love reading the message on the back and opening the pack to reveal seeds they can enjoy growing over the holidays.

Teacher gift

Providing a gift to the teachers who have gone above and beyond to educate your children is a meaningful way to show your gratitude. While there’s nothing more special than a simple, heartfelt handwritten note from you and your child expressing your appreciation for the year, a small token gift is always greatly accepted. A Gift of Seeds cleverly combines both options, providing a greeting card to write a thoughtful message to the teacher and a packet of seeds they can enjoy growing at home.

Secret Santa gift

Participating in a secret Santa gift exchange is a fun activity to celebrate the festive season, but searching for a suitable gift can be stressful. After all, you don’t want to buy a present someone isn’t happy with. Most secret Santa gift exchanges also have low present value budgets, such as $10 or $15. A Gift of Seeds is perfect for secret Santa gifting as it’s affordable, gender neutral and age-appropriate.

Gifts under $15

Christmas can be an expensive time of the year, but there’s no need to break the piggy bank in the hunt for fun gifts for your loved ones. If you’re sticking to a strict budget or searching for a gift under $15, then a Gift of Seeds is a budget-friendly option that any recipient is guaranteed to love.

Stocking stuffer gift

While it might be easy to buy big-ticket Christmas gifts, affordable stocking stuffers can be a bit more challenging to find. A Gift of Seeds is a perfect-sized gift to place in a Christmas stocking. It not only gives the recipient a packet of seeds they can enjoy growing, but you can also write a thoughtful Christmas wish for them on the back.

10 ways a Gift of Seeds will solve your Christmas gift giving dilemmas

Advent calendar

A Christmas advent calendar is a fun way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year while building excitement as Christmas day gets closer. Instead of buying a standard chocolate advent calendar, why not try making a seed Christmas advent calendar using a range of Gift of Seeds? You or the recipient will receive a different variety of seeds to grow each day and a festive-themed activity to complete. It’s a fun, easy and sustainable way to make an advent calendar. Find the full instructions here.

If you already have an advent calendar, simply purchase a Gift of Seeds to place inside one of the pockets.

Corporate gift

Sourcing appropriate corporate gifts can be a challenging task. You not only need to consider the number of recipients you’re buying for and the price and suitability of the gifts, but some companies also require gifts that meet business values and gifting policies such as sustainability, dietary requirements, and religious beliefs.

A Gift of Seeds is a thoughtful gift that meets most corporate gifting policies. It’s made in Australia from 100% recycled materials and is plastic free. We also offer bulk order discounts for corporate orders making it an affordable option for large quantity gift purchases.

Gift for the person who has everything

Nothing is more perplexing than trying to find a Christmas present for the person who seems to have everything. While most people resort to purchasing gourmet food items or other generic gifts, sometimes it’s nice to give something different and unexpected. Giving an experience is a perfect solution for this gifting dilemma. Most people think, experiences are expensive, but did you know growing seeds is an experience? It’s possibly one of the most affordable experience gifts you can give to someone and one that is guaranteed to bring them lots of joy.

Sustainable gift

There’s no better feeling than buying Christmas gifts that have been mindfully selected, so they suit the recipient and don’t produce excess plastic waste that impacts the planet. A Gift of Seeds is a thoughtful, sustainable gift anyone will adore, even if they’re not an eco-warrior or sustainability champion. Planting seeds and watching them grow is a joyful experience that also enhances the environment.

Affordable gift to send in the mail

With the cost of postal services increasing, finding a gift your loved one will adore that doesn’t cost too much to send in the mail can be tricky. A Gift of Seeds is an affordable gift to send to loved ones who live interstate. Simply stick two stamps to the envelope provided and pop it in the postal box. 

4 ways to make your Christmas more meaningful and sustainable

Gifts to Grow

Embedded and inspired by nature, Sow ’n Sow believe in purposeful gifting that doesn’t cost the planet.

From a small seed of an idea, Sow ’n Sow was dreamt up by founder Michelle Brady combining her love of gardening and flair for design in 2010.


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