How to make beautiful pressed flower cards

How to make beautiful pressed flower cards

Making pressed flower cards is not only a wonderful way to give your fresh flowers a second life, but it’s also a special way to share the joy of your homegrown blooms with loved ones.  While it may take a few weeks to press your flowers, turning them into beautiful greeting cards is  easy and only takes a few minutes. Learn how to make pressed flower cards using our step-by-step guide below.

How to make pressed flower cards

What you need

  1. Flower press
  2. Fresh flowers
  3. Craft glue
  4. Small paint brush
  5. Blank cards or cardboard
  6. Pen
  7. Other craft elements such as twine, beads, printed paper etc. (optional)
  8. Tweezers (optional)

How to make beautiful pressed flower cards


  1. Three weeks before you want to make your greeting cards, pick fresh flowers from your garden and press them in your flower press. Find tips on how to press flowers here.
  2. Once flowers are pressed, remove them from the flower press and lay them gently on a flat surface.
  3. Create a card by folding cardboard in half. Your card can either be half-folded horizontal or vertical rectangle or square. You can experiment by creating different shaped cards, but rectangle or square cards are the most common and easiest to make. Once you’ve made your card, lay it on a flat surface. If you’re using a pre-made blank card, skip this step.
  4. With your card laying flat on a surface, arrange your pressed flowers on the face of the card until they’re displaying the way you would like them.
  5. Using tweezers, carefully lift up each piece one by one. Paint a small amount of glue on each pressed flower and place them back down on the face of the card. Press gently to ensure each flower is in contact with the paper.
  6. Once you’ve finishing gluing all the elements, leave the card on a flat surface to dry for 4 hours.
  7. Once dry, write your message inside your card. It’s now ready to give to the lucky recipient.

Photo by Nancy from @veggie_garden_qld on Instagram.

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