Mother’s Day

With Autumn well on it’s way, we are incredibly pleased to announce the arrival of our newest Sow n’ Sow team member, Bonnie! Congratulations Michelle & Bish!


Bonnie was born on the 6th of March, 2014, and is already the heart of the Sow n’ Sow studio – she’s a smile maker, and quite possibly the most beautiful little girl… ever!

It is now – with quite timely coincidence ! – that we are very happy to introduce another addition to the Gift of Seeds family, the Happy Mother’s Day Chrysanthemum’s!


Our Happy Mother’s Day Chrysanthemum’s are the perfect gift to show your Mum (and the other Mum’s you know!) just how much you care about them. This particular variety of Chrysanthemum is also known as Shasta Daisies. They are easy to grow, enjoy mild climates and have a long lasting flower – which cuts wonderfully too!




Beautifully illustrated, again by the talented Daniella Germain, the Happy Mother’s Day design is also available as a gift tag.


The Happy Mother’s Day gift of Seeds are the perfect gift for a Mother who lives out of state, or even (like mine!) overseas. These Gift of Seeds aren’t just a gorgeous gift in the post, but an on-going & ever-growing, flowering reminder that you love them lots.

The Sow n’ Sow team would also like to wish Michelle, and any other new Mum’s or Mum’s-to-be, a very special, Happy Mother’s Day! – August

P.S. This year Mother’s Day is on Sunday the 11th of May, 2014.

Gifts to Grow

Embedded and inspired by nature, Sow ’n Sow believe in purposeful gifting that doesn’t cost the planet.

From a small seed of an idea, Sow ’n Sow was dreamt up by founder Michelle Brady combining her love of gardening and flair for design in 2010.


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