Why it is important to grow Australian native plants

Native gardens are not only beautiful but are incredibly beneficial to our native fauna. They’re also low maintenance, easy to grow, and can tolerate Australia’s challenging climate, so if you are a serial plant killer, growing Australian native plants in your garden may be a great option. Here’s why it’s important to grow Australian native plants in your garden.

5 reasons to plant Australian native plants in your garden


Native plants have grown and adapted to Australia’s challenging climate and soil conditions since the continent formed. These plants have learnt to thrive on minimal water, harsh heat, unique pests, and cold snaps. They’re hardy plants that don’t require much tender-loving care (TLC) to survive.

Better for the environment  

Chemical pesticides and fertilisers not only wreak havoc on the environment and cause environmental pollution at the application site, but the runoff can further pollute the soil, waterways and animals surrounding the site.  As Australian native plants have adapted to Australia’s challenging climate and soil conditions, they generally don’t require chemical fertilisers and pesticides to survive, and they’re more resistant to bugs, unlike introduced exotic plants.

Low maintenance

Native plants require little to no maintenance. Unlike introduce exotic plants that are used to growing in wet jungles or feeding on nutrient rich soils, most Australian native plants have evolved and adapted to survive on poor soil and unforgiving climate conditions. They also rarely require pruning, trimming or weekly maintenance, so you’ll spend less time looking after them and more time admiring them.

Preserving native biodiversity

The threats to native biodiversity have been known for some time. From land clearing to climate change, pests and chemicals, many elements threaten the survival of Australia’s native flora and fauna. Planting a garden filled with Australian natives is an easy way to participate in preserving our iconic flora and fauna.

Support native fauna

Australia’s native flora and fauna have coexisted and evolved together for thousands of years to support, survive, and thrive in Australia’s harsh climate. Many animals rely on native plants to nest, protect themselves from predators and for food. Creating a garden filled with a variety of native plants will invite many native animals and beneficial insects to your garden including native bees, butterflies, birds, possums, flying foxes, reptiles, mammals and frogs.

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