Regional Flavours Creative Theming

For the past few months team Sow ‘n Sow has been busy designing and delivering creative theming elements for South Bank’s signature food and sustainability event, Regional Flavours, which celebrates all things regional.

Our brief was to design and implement several eye catching installations which would enhance the experience of visitors to South Bank and the event, while focusing on sustainability.

Together our team comprising Michelle and Madeleine Brady, designed colourful edible garden beds using recycled wooden pallets as the main material which made the structures modular, easily moveable and environmentally friendly.

To compliment the wooden edible gardens, we designed colourful hanging gardens comprising edible planters made out of hessian which hang throughout South Bank’s beautiful bougainvillaea covered Arbour.

Here are some pics of the early stages of constructing the edible gardens. We will feature the stages of the project in posts to come. Keep checking back!

Maddie and the South Bank Maintenance team constructing the garden beds after the wooden pallets were delivered

Pockets were made into the stacks of pallets which held the soil in place. Nearly 20 m3 of soil was used to fill the 26 pallet stacks. Around 140 pallets were used!

Starting with the sides, the herb and vegetable seedlings were planted.

That’s me working in the glorious Brisbane sunshine.

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