Flower Press ‘Wattle’ Mini


Discover the enchantment of nature with Sow ‘n Sow’s captivating Mini Wattle Flower Press. More than just a flower press, it’s a heartfelt gesture that inspires creativity and fosters a deeper connection with the natural world.

Designed with a stunning illustration by the talented Daniella Germain, our Flower Presses are meticulously handcrafted in Australia. We use durable materials to ensure consistent pressure and long-lasting performance.

Inside each package, you’ll find engraved top and bottom backing boards made from sturdy MDF, along with five layers of cardboard separators and precision-engineered nuts and bolts. This thoughtfully designed flower press measures 21cm in length, 14cm in width, and 6cm in depth.

Handmade with love in Australia, a mini Wattle Flower Press is more than just a product; it’s an invitation to preserve the beauty of nature and express your creativity.

Plus, don’t forget to explore our Large Flower Press Cardboard Refill Pack to keep your flower-pressing adventures blooming.

Unlock the magic of nature with Sow ‘n Sow today.



Additional information

Weight .34 kg
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 3.5 cm

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