Nienke Sybrandy

Nienke Sybrandy is a Netherlands based artist who’s works arise from observations of daily life. Many of her works feature elements of nature as shown here, with more on her website. All text and images below are from

Natural ingredients improve the quality of personal grooming products. They refer to beauty and health and are mentioned prominently on the packaging. ‘All natural’ is the ultimate image of purity, made from a tube and a branch.

Seventeenth-century still lifes depicting flowers symbolize transitoriness. Everything is temporary, nothing lasts forever. To encapsulate this symbolism, these flowers have been cut and thus have died for a second time.

The average bouquet withers in a fortnight. This vase identifies itself with its contents and withers in fourteen steps. Each step is a vase.

Flowers preserved in spirits. Their colours fade, but the pale figures behind the glass force the viewer to look at flowers in a different way.

Flowers are subject to expectations and patterns. That sometimes makes it difficult to love them with an open mind.

“When my house plant loses a leaf, I pick it up, cut a portrait into it and label it with a date. Drying the leaves gives the portraits their character. Taken together they form the family tree of my house plant.”

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