Joost’s Greenhouse

I am pretty stoked to have caught Joost Greenhouse in Sydney over the weekend. The modular, recyclable construction is made out of an innovative steel framing system where the steel is printed and cut on-site, reducing waste and minimising transport emissions. Straw bales are used for insulation, the floor is made out of car tyres and the light fittings are glass jars. All materials can be re-used and given the temporary nature of the structure (it’s only in Sydney for 8 weeks) this is highly relevant! Best of all, the exterior is covered in luscious strawberry plants and the rooftop bar is bursting with herbs and vegetables which enjoy the best views in Sydney. All this put together creates an incredible bar, cafe and hub of eco friendly goodness.

We were lucky to catch Joost up there watering the plants which supply the kitchen – I nervously introduced myself but Joost was very friendly and chatted to us about the building and mentioned how buggered he was and how he has been invited to set up Greenhouses all over the world, amazing! That’s him in the photo above watering our soon-to-be lunch.

Joost is a big inspiration for me not only with his forward thinking ‘gardening not architecture’ ethos, but also for his amazing floral installations and the awesome Urban Crop. Here’s hoping Joost needs an apprentice and thinks of me when he does!

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