Introducing… Oregano, Poppy and Forget-me-not!

It is with great pleasure that I introduce the three new Gifts of Seeds: Poppy, Forget-me-not and Oregano! These were especially selected because the seeds can be sown in the cooler months of the year so our Gifts of Seeds are suitable all year round.

Poppy’s are an incredibly beautiful delicate flower and an absolute joy. We’ve chosen the flanders/ corn poppy variety so expect those stunning orange-red petals with beauty spots when they flower in spring. The seeds can be sown in autumn and winter.

Forget-me-not is a sweet cottage garden plant which produces masses of tiny bright blue flowers. The seeds should be sown before winter and will blossom in spring. They are also one of those clever plants that re-seeds itself, ensuring seedlings will emerge year after year in the same spot as were sown the first time around.

And who doesn’t love Oregano, the taste of the mediterranean, the taste of pizza! A lovely plant for the herb garden or pot with gorgeous little leaves, white flowers and of course a lovely scent. It is a perennial too so will provide years of flavour.

All three are now available to purchase in our online shop and we will be supplying them to stockists in the coming weeks. I have also created a pack of three so you can purchase all three at once via our online outlets for $25.

Happy gardening!!

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