How to make seed bombs

Need an activity to keep your kids busy while on school holidays? Learn how to make seed bombs. It’s a fun, planet friendly activity both kids and adults can enjoy, and best of all, it doesn’t require much adult supervision as the recipe is simple and easy to follow.

What is a seed bomb?

Seed bombs have long been used by guerrilla gardeners for replanting and brightening up public spaces or vacant lots where the natural flora has been destroyed. A seed bomb is a cluster of seeds, soil and clay moulded into a ball that can be thrown it into barren lots and fields or planted into flowerbeds or plant pots. The balls sit on the ground until the rain softens them and germinates the seeds.  This style of gardening requires little to no effort after the seed bombs have been made making it a perfect activity for kids and adults with limited time for gardening.

What you need:

  1. Potting mix
  2. Seeds (available here)
  3. Mixing bowl
  4. Powdered clay
  5. Water
  6. Tray



In a bowl, combine 5 cups of potting mix and 2-3 cups of clay powder and 1 cup of seeds. Slowly mix in water to combine the mixture until it’s a dough-like consistency that’s easy to mould by hand. If you use too much water, simply add more soil.


Take a small amount of the mixture, roll into golf-ball sized balls and place on a tray. Ensure you don’t make the balls too firm. You want them firm enough to hold their shape but gentle enough to fall apart once they are in the garden so the flowers can bloom.


Once you’ve rolled all of the seed bombs, place the tray of seed bombs in a sunny location to dry out and harden. Turn the balls often to assist in drying. Depending on your location and humidity levels, it could take between two days to two weeks to dry out completely.


Once seeds bombs have dried out, throw them in a bare part of the garden and wait to watch flowers grow and bloom over time. Seed bombs can be sown all year round.


Store seed bombs in a paper bag for up to one year.

Seed bombs make wonderful gifts for kids to gift to friends, relatives, and teachers. They also make a perfect eco-friendly part favour for kid’s birthdays.

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