Happy New Year

Me with fish in hand, doing it tough on Moreton Island, December 2012.

After a divine 2 week holiday in Queensland I am now back in the studio and enjoying the relative quiet. We were incredibly busy throughout November and December which was invigorating and wonderful, but left us with little chance to do a few important things, namely, sending out Christmas cards!  Now I’m feeling guilty about it, so here’s a quick post to make me feel marginally better for not being more organised late last year.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported Sow ‘n Sow in 2012, our stockists, customers, clients, friends, suppliers and colleagues. To our wonderful designer and friend Daniella Germain, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Thank you!
To all of our stockists, many thanks for your support and belief in our products. Here’s hoping we can continue to stoke your interest with the new products we are working on which we’ll be launching soon!  To Justine and Alasdair from Five Boroughs, thanks so much for your gorgeous Christmas card (one of these from the incredibly talented and inspiring Hungry Workshop).

To everyone who has purchased Sow ‘n Sow products through our webshop and via hardtofind, thank you! I hope our gifts have put smiles on far away faces. To the team at hardtofind, you guys are doing such a fabulous job and we’re so pleased to be a part of it. And to 2013, thanks for re-energising me! I’m planning to really make the most of you and do hope you can handle it. I promise to be braver, bolder and more organised this year!

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