20 Affordable Gardening Gifts for Kids (Under $60)

Gardening is a fantastic activity that not only promotes a love for nature but also provides children with a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. As parents and gift-givers, introducing kids to the joys of gardening can be a rewarding experience.

If you’re on a budget, fear not! We’ve curated a list of 20 budget-friendly gardening gifts for kids, all under $60. These items not only encourage their green thumbs but also promise hours of educational and entertaining fun.

What to buy kids for the garden?

When considering what to buy for kids for the garden, there are numerous options to foster outdoor exploration, creativity, and a connection with nature.

Engage their imaginations with classic outdoor toys like kites and hoopla, providing hours of entertainment. Introduce them to the joy of gardening with child-sized tools and gloves, encouraging a hands-on connection with the natural world.

Educational kits, such as native bee hotel kits or bird feeder kits, offer opportunities for learning about wildlife in a playful manner. Create a comfortable and inviting space with kid-sized picnic tables or hammocks, making the garden a perfect spot for relaxation or creative endeavours.

Water play, art supplies, and insect exploration kits add layers of sensory and educational experiences. From planting kits to garden games, the options are vast, allowing you to tailor your choices to the child’s age and interests, ensuring that the garden becomes a magical realm of discovery and play.

Affordable Gardening Gifts for Kids Under $60

Gift of Seeds

Looking for budget-friendly gardening gifts for kids that will promote a love for nature and sustainability?

Sow ‘n Sow Gift of Seeds is the perfect option! These beautifully illustrated greeting cards are not only an eco-friendly gift but also a fun gardening activity for kids to enjoy.

Each packet contains a mix of easy-to-grow seeds, including flowers, herbs, and vegetables, making it a great introduction to gardening.

Kids can learn about the life cycle of plants, develop their green thumb, and experience the joy of watching their seeds grow into beautiful plants.

Mini Flower Press

At under $60, the Sow ‘n Sow Mini Flower Press is an excellent budget-friendly gift that will spark creativity and curiosity in young gardeners.

This compact and lightweight flower press is perfect for kids who love to collect and press flowers, leaves, and other natural materials. With its simple and easy-to-use design, it allows children to preserve the beauty of their garden and create their own unique artworks.

Garden Gifts For Kids

Pot & Seeds Set

A Sow ‘n Sow Pot & Seeds Set is a perfect gardening starter kit making it easy for young gardeners to grow their little green world.

Mix and match any Pop Up Pot with any Gift of Seeds to create a gardening kit to suit the young gardener you’re shopping for.

They’ll love popping the Pop Up Pot into shape, planting the seeds and nurturing them until they bloom.

Pop Up Pots

Featuring vibrant original artworks by artist Jackie Anderson, these eye catching pots are not just functional but also add a touch of artistic flair to any gardening endeavour.

Perfect gardening gifts for kids or teenagers exploring their green thumbs, Pop Up Pots combine practicality with style. Their easy-to-fold design and artistic charm makes the gardening experience both enjoyable and visually appealing.

Whether cultivating a colourful array of blooms or fostering a small indoor garden oasis, these pots are a delightful addition to any young gardening enthusiast’s toolkit.


The Miniscope is a powerful tool that allows kids to explore the world around them in a whole new way.

This compact and portable device is a great gift for budding scientists who want to develop a love for science. With the Miniscope, kids can get out in nature and examine the tiniest details of plants, insects and other small objects.

The best part? It’s incredibly easy to use, ready to go in just 30 seconds. Not only is it a fun and engaging toy, but it also encourages hands-on learning and exploration, making it a must-have for budget-friendly gardening gifts for kids.

Gardening Hat

Are you on the hunt for a special gift for a little gardener in your life? Look no further than the Bedhead Hat ‘Wanderer’ Panelled Bucket Sun Hat!

This hat is both stylish and practical, perfect for any outdoor adventure. It’s made from 100% eco-friendly linen which means it’s light and cool on heads, providing UPF50+ sun protection without overheating little ones.

The reversible design gives you two cute hats for the price of one, and the adjustable ties ensure a perfect fit.

With a variety of colours and styles to choose from, this hat is sure to put a smile on any child’s face and make time spent in the garden safe and fun!

Nature Journal

Unleash the wonders of nature with a Your Wild Books Nature Journal, an affordable and enchanting gardening gift for kids.

This guided journal, adorned with stunning illustrations, caters to all ages, making it an ideal companion for kids aged 7+ or younger with the help of a grown-up.

Perfectly crafted in Australia using local paper, the journal gently introduces mindfulness, kindness, and gratefulness through open-ended prompts.

With features like moon tracking and sunrise/sunset pages, this journal transforms nature exploration into a captivating journey for the entire family.

Fairy Door Kit

Gift a touch of wonder and watch as young minds blossom with creativity with a Fairy Door Kit—an affordable and whimsical gardening gift for kids aged 5-10.

Crafted for creativity, this DIY project allows youngsters to build and decorate their own free-standing fairy door without the need for tools. Sparking imaginative play, it promises hours of magical adventures.

Proudly made in Australia from Australian eucalypt ply, it’s not just a door but a sustainable, plastic-free experience kids can enjoy inside the home and outside in the garden.

DIY Bird Feeder Kit

Are you searching for engaging gardening gifts for kids? Inspire creativity and outdoor fun with the Stanley Jr. Wooden DIY Bird Feeder Kit.

This project not only entertains but also fosters essential skills like hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving, and creativity. Suitable for ages 5 and up, the kit encourages children to construct their very own wooden bird feeder from scratch.

With hands-on learning, this DIY endeavor not only provides entertainment but also instills a sense of accomplishment as kids watch their creation attract feathered friends to the garden. It’s the perfect way to blend education with play while nurturing a love for nature.

Gift of Seeds Subscription

When searching for meaningful and enjoyable gardening gifts for kids, you can’t go past a Sow ‘n Sow Gift of Seeds Subscription!

This thoughtful subscription brings joy and education with a monthly delivery of specially curated seeds aligned with the Australian seasons.

Encouraging year-round gardening adventures, each beautifully packaged box includes a variety of unique seeds such as culinary flowers, herbs, sweet peas, and more.

Available in 6 or 12-month options, this subscription is a fantastic gift to instill a love for gardening and the natural world in children.

Plant Animals

Transform your garden into a whimsical wonderland with Another Studio’s Plant Animals, delightful gardening gifts for kids.

These intricately designed creatures bring a touch of enchantment to indoor rainforests. Gently straddle the animal’s legs to let it rest on houseplant stems or amidst a bouquet of flowers.

These charming plant decorations not only add a playful element to gardens but also sparks curiosity in young minds, making it an ideal and imaginative gift for budding gardeners.

Kid’s Gardening Tool Set

Cultivate a love for gardening early on with the Kid’s Gardening Tool Set—a delightful addition to our gardening gifts for kids selection.

Crafted with care, these sturdy tools are perfectly sized for little hands, fostering a hands-on connection with nature. The well-made design, featuring timber handles and durable metal blades, ensures they withstand the rigors of good, hard work.

Measuring 20cm long, the set includes a hand trowel and hand fork, each equipped with a convenient leather hanging loop. These practical tools transform gardening into an exciting adventure, providing children with the ideal gear to sow the seeds of a lifelong appreciation for the natural world.

Bug Catcher Kit

On the hunt for gardening gifts for kids that will encourage them to explore the garden? Introduce your little ones to the wonders of nature with the a bug catcher kit.

This fun set includes essential tools designed specifically for children, ensuring a safe and educational exploration of the insect world.

The Bug Cage, made of durable plastic, comes with a magnifier lid for an up-close view of insects, fostering an understanding of their intricate structures.

With tweezers, a stick and net included, this kit provides endless outdoor fun while nurturing a love for nature.

Children’s Gumboots

Nurture your little gardener’s love for nature with Wander + Wild Natural Rubber Kid’s Gumboots – the ideal gardening gift for adventurous youngsters.

Crafted with a flexible, natural rubber outer, these vegan-friendly boots feature a cotton composite lining adorned with unique icons and a removable innersole for maximum comfort. Waterproof tested and designed to sit around the lower calf, these boots are suitable for all weather types, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor gardening escapades.

With a hard-wearing, grippy sole tread and a convenient twill tab for easy pulling on, these boots ensure durability and practicality. Plus, they come with a reusable, environmentally friendly backpack for hassle-free storage between gardening adventures.

Children’s Watering Can

If you’re looking for gardening gifts for kids, the Burgon & Ball National Trust Children’s Watering Can is a great option.

Made of durable rust-resistant galvanized steel and featuring a tough powder coating, this watering can is built to last. Decorated with cute frog and snail characters and an embossed metal badge bearing the National Trust and Burgon & Ball maker’s mark, it’s also stylish and distinctive.

With a 1 litre capacity, it’s just the right size for little hands to carry comfortably. Plus, by purchasing this watering can, you’re helping the National Trust look after special places forever, for everyone.


Add a touch of classic fun to outdoor play with Hoopla, a timeless ring toss game perfect for cultivating a love for gardening in kids.

This traditional game by Planet Finska is crafted from environmentally sustainable hardwood, featuring a timber cross with five pegs and five natural rope rings. With origins as a Victorian parlour game, Hoopla adds a nostalgic charm to any garden party or barbecue.

The game not only entertains but also promotes learning as kids count and add in fives, enhancing their cognitive skills. It’s one of the most fun gardening gifts for kids.

Nature Experience

Ignite a love for nature in young hearts with the gift of a memorable experience at a bird or butterfly sanctuary.

Immerse kids in the enchanting world of these winged wonders, showcasing their vital role in garden ecosystems.

Visits to sanctuaries offer interactive learning, teaching children about the benefits these creatures bring to gardens, from pollination to pest control. This hands-on encounter fosters a deeper understanding of the delicate balance in nature.

As a gardening gift for kids, such an experience not only educates but also instills a lifelong appreciation for the interconnectedness of flora and fauna.

Gardening Book

Nurture a love for gardening in young hearts with “We Are the Gardeners,” a captivating book by Joanna Gaines and her kids, perfect gardening gifts for kids.

This whimsical picture book, a #1 New York Times bestseller, chronicles the Gaines family’s adventures in starting their own garden, sharing tales of failed attempts, overcoming obstacles (those mischievous bunnies!), and the invaluable lessons learned.

Through the Gaines family’s journey, children discover the rewards of hard work, the importance of patience, and the beauty of learning from mistakes – all wrapped up in a delightful story of blossoming gardens.


If you’re looking for unique and fun gardening gifts for kids, have you considered a kite?

Kites are a classic outdoor activity that can provide hours of entertainment and excitement for children. One great option is Tiger Tribe’s Happy Kite, which features a colourful and playful octopus design. Made from durable ripstop fabric and a strong fiberglass frame, this kite is easy to launch, fly, and retrieve.

With 30 meters of line and an easy-to-wind handle, kids can watch as the long tentacles dance in the breeze. It’s the perfect gift for any young nature lover or aspiring gardener!

Native Bee Hotel Kit

Introduce young garden enthusiasts to the fascinating world of beneficial insects with our DIY Native Bee Hotel Kit.

Crafted from 25mm hardwood, this Australian Solitary Bee House offers a fun and educational experience for kids. The easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions make building the hotel a breeze.

A haven for solitary bees, butterflies, and ladybugs, this insect hotel enhances biodiversity in your garden and will help foster a love for native bees in young gardeners.

What Do Children Get Out of Gardening?

There are many advantages to giving gardening gifts for kids. Beyond the joy of getting their hands dirty, children can gain a multitude of benefits from gardening:

  • Responsibility: Caring for plants teaches kids about responsibility and commitment as they witness the impact of their care on the growth of the plants.
  • Patience: Gardening requires patience as kids learn to wait for seeds to sprout and plants to grow. It’s a valuable lesson in delayed gratification.
  • Connection to Nature: Gardening fosters a deep connection to nature, encouraging kids to appreciate the environment and the cycles of life.
  • Educational Opportunities: From learning about different types of plants to understanding the importance of pollinators, gardening provides a wealth of educational opportunities.
  • Healthy Habits: Spending time outdoors, getting fresh air, and engaging in physical activities like digging and planting contribute to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Creativity and Imagination: Designing their own garden spaces and imagining stories about the creatures that inhabit the garden boost creativity and imagination.
  • Sense of Accomplishment: Watching their efforts yield tangible results instils a sense of accomplishment and pride in children.
  • Stress Relief: Gardening can be a therapeutic activity, offering a calming and stress-relieving outlet for kids.

Investing in budget-friendly gardening gifts for kids is a thoughtful way to encourage a lifelong love for nature and a sense of responsibility. The benefits extend far beyond the garden, shaping children into environmentally conscious, patient, and creative individuals.

So, whether it’s a set of colourful tools, educational kits, or whimsical decorations, these gifts will sow the seeds of a greener future for the little ones in your life.

Gifts to Grow

Embedded and inspired by nature, Sow ’n Sow believe in purposeful gifting that doesn’t cost the planet.

From a small seed of an idea, Sow ’n Sow was dreamt up by founder Michelle Brady combining her love of gardening and flair for design in 2010.


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