Corinella Country House

Pretty little forget-me-not flowers

We went to Kyneton on the weekend to see some open gardens which were a part of the Kyneton Daffodil and Arts Festival.

Corinella Country House is about 10 mins from the centre of town and had a most magical garden filled with daffodils and bursting with Forget-me-nots! They also had the most beautiful, friendly baby lambs who came over for kisses…

Sow ‘n Sow at Regional Flavours

We had a wonderful weekend at Regional Flavours. After months of work designing and installing the pallet gardens and hanging installations, we were able to see and hear the public admiring our creations. The response was incredibly overwhelming… just about everyone who walked past the pallet gardens stopped to have a look and the comments were heard were very gratifying. People were theorising how they were made and we were asked many questions which we gladly answered. We now have a long list of names from people who were interested in getting their hands on their own pallet gardens!

Aside from the great feedback and interest we had in the pallet gardens and hanging installations, we also sold our wares at our market stall. We pulled together a beautiful collection of flowers, fresh herb bouquets and plants to compliment our range of Gifts of Seeds. We also had a stand to promote our custom Gifts of Seeds and had lots of interest for many different applications! Below are some photos from the weekend including a few of our pallet gardens.




Many thanks to everyone who helped us on the weekend, to South Bank for the wonderful opportunity and to all the lovely people who took an interest in Sow ‘n Sow.

The making of Sow ‘n Sow’s Pallet Gardens

As promised, here are more photos of the creation of the ‘pallet gardens’, designed by Sow ‘n Sow for South Bank’s signature food and sustainability event, Regional Flavours. While building and planting in the glorious Brisbane sunshine continued, stencilling commenced and the first of the completed stacks were fork lifted into South Bank Parklands. All the pallet gardens are now in situ, along with our hanging installations in the Arbour. Be sure to check it out if you’re in this part of the world! Photos of the completed stacks will come soon, or have a look at our Facebook page which already has loads of photos.

Sow ‘n Sow will have a market stall at the event which is next weekend. We’re super excited to be there and will have a few lovely new products for sale. Regional Flavours is on from 10am – 5pm, Saturday the 30th and Sunday the 31st of July at South Bank.


There are 26 individual stacks of pallets, which took two weeks to construct, plant, stencil and install with the help of South Bank’s awesome horticulture and maintenance teams.

Using pallets makes transporting these beauties easy despite this stack weighing 700kg!

The second delivery of plants

Starting on the hanging planters. Geo fabric was used as a lining with just hessian and rope holding it all together.


Regional Flavours Creative Theming

For the past few months team Sow ‘n Sow has been busy designing and delivering creative theming elements for South Bank’s signature food and sustainability event, Regional Flavours, which celebrates all things regional.

Our brief was to design and implement several eye catching installations which would enhance the experience of visitors to South Bank and the event, while focusing on sustainability.

Together our team comprising Michelle and Madeleine Brady, designed colourful edible garden beds using recycled wooden pallets as the main material which made the structures modular, easily moveable and environmentally friendly.

To compliment the wooden edible gardens, we designed colourful hanging gardens comprising edible planters made out of hessian which hang throughout South Bank’s beautiful bougainvillaea covered Arbour.

Here are some pics of the early stages of constructing the edible gardens. We will feature the stages of the project in posts to come. Keep checking back!

Maddie and the South Bank Maintenance team constructing the garden beds after the wooden pallets were delivered

Pockets were made into the stacks of pallets which held the soil in place. Nearly 20 m3 of soil was used to fill the 26 pallet stacks. Around 140 pallets were used!

Starting with the sides, the herb and vegetable seedlings were planted.

That’s me working in the glorious Brisbane sunshine.

This installation reminds me of Alice In Wonderland. A little cookoo yet fun and pretty at the same time.

String gardens display, ‘inspired by ‘(or copied!) Fedor’s String gardens.
A beautifully crafted tree trunk, one of the installations at the Flower and Garden show

These terrariums house ‘good bugs’!

With the three new Gifts of Seeds launched it has been a busy past few weeks and I’ve been quite slack on the blogging front! Of course here I am finally sitting down to write a blog post and I have way too many things to mention and too many photos to share! I think a lesson should be learnt here – keep the blog posts shorter and more regular. Discipline Michelle! Someone to prod me would be great, does anyone have a good prodding stick?

I had my annual visit to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden show last week which I like to think of as ‘work’ or ‘research’… it’s a tough job sometimes, especially when the sun is shining and Carlton Gardens are covered with flowers 🙂 The show is a great place for inspiration with oh so many colourful floral and garden installations! Photos of some of the more interesting bits from the show are above.

Last week I was in Brisbane where I visited some new stockists, caught up with beautiful old friends, soaked up the warmer weather and spent some quality time with Ma and Pa. Yep… more hard work. And I wonder why my friends sometimes assume I don’t work at all!?

I am excited to be the featured seller on Ethikl at the moment which is very exciting. Check out my interview and be in the draw to win some Gifts of Seeds here.

We’ve got some wonderful new stockists coming on board including Five Boroughs in East Brunswick, Nook in West End (Brisbane) and Just Plain Gorgeous in Bulimba (Brisbane).

An early heads up that I will have a stall at the North Melbourne Market on Sunday the 17th of April so I have lots of packets to make before then!

And I had a wonderful weekend just gone in Sutton Grange and Castlemaine with cousin Georgie and sister Phoebe, (Can I call you guys that?) sleeping in a Teepee! We weren’t cold because we had a fire in the middle to keep us warm. Cool huh!?  The Castlemaine Festival was on so there were lots of festivities happening in Castlemaine, including some cool dudes with all sorts of awesome bikes including that penny farthing replica in the picture below.

Ok can someone please prod me in a few days to write about my visit to the Healesville Glass Blowing Studio? please?!

Autumn gardens

Last week was filled with garden inspirations, especially because the weather was incredible over the long weekend. On Friday I visited the Metlink Edible Garden in City Square which was a part of Melbourne’s Food and Wine Festival. The edible gardens were set up by the Digger’s Club (which I’m a proud member of!) who created a green oasis in the city centre. Corporate types were coming down in their lunch break to enjoy the blossoming surrounds and I’ve never seen so much wildlife in the city centre before – birds and butterflies were hanging around soaking it all up the same as all the city slickers. The Digger’s Club hosted a bunch of free talks including how to grow garlic and sowing seeds, and there were free cooking demonstrations. It was really very festive! (Oh and Costa was there, he’s the coolest!)

Then over the weekend we visited my friend Victoria’s Aunty and Uncle’s beautiful Mt Eliza paradise. Created over a life time of devotion in the garden, Aunty Kate has created a little piece of heaven with a massive vegetable patch (which mostly fed us the whole weekend), chickens, beautiful big fruit trees and loads of other cottage garden plants. Unfortunately I didn’t get any good pictures of the garden except of us all having breakfast in the garden in our pj’s…

Aside from frolicking in gardens which is my favourite pastime, I have been busy busy getting my new products organised! But more on that next week when I should have photos of the new lovelies.

Sow ‘n Sow Airiums at Spacecraft!

I am very excited to share some insight into the other things I’ve been working on as part of the Sow ‘n Sow product range.

Whilst the Gifts of Seeds are by no means done and dusted (three new ones will be available in just over a week!) I always had plans to develop other innovative plant based gifts and I’ve been playing around with Terrariums and Airiums for a while now. My poor friends have suffered birthday gifts of the ‘product development’ kind for the past few months in the form of notquitethereyet jars full of mosses and ferns.

Then I met Stewart Russell, the artist, designer and owner of Spacecraft who creates a beautiful range of screen printed bed linen, furniture, clothing and artwork at their awesome North Melbourne studio for the 2 Spacecraft stores on Gertrude Street Fitzroy and Malvern Road Hawksburn.

I met Stewart and his wife Donna to discuss ways we could ‘green up’ the Hawksburn store by incorporating more living plants which was a part of their vision for the store. Before long I was in-store making a big mess with bags of potting mix and plants, setting up some lovely planter boxes for a window display which complimented the Sow ‘n Sow Gifts of Seeds  (now stocked at both stores).

But we wanted to get a bit more creative than that and after talking about my air plant ideas I was given a good reason to fully develop the concept, as Donna and Stewart loved the sound of them and wanted me to make some up for the store.

So, I have just delivered a trial run of 7 Airiums to the Hawksburn store. They consist of Tillandsias (living air plants) with lichens and mosses collected on weekend walks in the bush. A little living world inside a glass globe to enchant and inspire those peeking through the glass.

At this stage they are only available at Spacecraft Hawksburn for so get in quickly if you want one, there are only 7 for the time being!

Many thanks to Stewart and Donna for making this happen, and Vicky the Hawksburn store manager for her beautiful displays and good chats!