10 unbelievable ways to cook with nasturtiums 

Have you got an abundance of nasturtiums growing in your garden? Here are 10 ways you can cook with nasturtium flowers, seeds, and leaves.

Nasturtiums are a beautiful flowering plant that is easy to grow and wonderful to cook with. The whole plant is edible, from the flowers to the leaves and is packed full of flavour and beneficial vitamins and minerals. The flowers have been used as a garnish for many years, but there are many other ways you can cook with nasturtiums. Read on to discover 10 ways to cook with nasturtiums.

10 ways to cook with nasturtiums

Cook with nasturtiums

Nasturtium pesto

Originating in Italy hundreds of years ago, pesto has become a much-loved dip, spread and pasta sauce enjoyed by many around the world.

The word pesto comes from the Italian word “pestare” which means “to crush or pound.” The most popular variety of pesto is made from basil leaves, parmesan, olive oil and pine nuts, but you can make pesto from a variety of ingredients, even nasturtium leaves?

Homemade nasturtium pesto is easy to make and is one of the best ways to enjoy a bounty of fresh nasturtium leaves picked straight from your garden.  

Find nasturtium pesto recipe here.

10 ways to cook with nasturtiums

Nasturtium salt

Salt is arguably one of the most popular seasonings used globally to add flavour and depth to dishes. Although there are many varieties of salt, most taste the same and produce the same results when used in cooking but did you know you can boost the flavour and nutrition content of salt with nasturtium leaves?

Nasturtium leaves are packed with beneficial vitamins, minerals and antioxidants including vitamin C, iron, and lutein. Nasturtium salt is easy to make and will give ordinary salt a boost of beneficial nutrients.

Find nasturtium salt recipe here.

10 ways to cook with nasturtiums

Nasturtium capers

If you love pickled vegetables, then you will love nasturtium capers. Nasturtium capers are made from nasturtium seeds which have the strongest flavour of this edible plant. Often titled the “poor man’s capers” nasturtium seeds have a strong pepper flavour that pairs well with savoury dishes.

If you have an abundance of nasturtium seeds, pick the seeds before they bloom and try making nasturtium capers. This recipe is simple to make and only uses five affordable ingredients.

Find nasturtium capers recipe here.

10 ways to cook with nasturtiums

Nasturtium butter

If you have an abundance of nasturtium flowers, try making nasturtium butter. It will turn bland butter into an exciting condiment. Nasturtium flowers carry a slightly peppery flavour with hints of sweet nectar and contain beneficial vitamins and minerals including vitamin B1, B2, B3 and C, manganese, iron, phosphorus and calcium.

Find nasturtium butter recipe here.

10 ways to cook with nasturtiums

Nasturtium hot sauce

Move aside chillies, it’s time to add spice to your life with nasturtium hot sauce. Made from nasturtium flowers, this hot sauce is easy to make and will add tongue-tingling heat and nasturtium flavour to any savoury dish.

Find nasturtium hot sauce recipe here.

10 ways to cook with nasturtiums

Nasturtium bread rolls

Make lunchtime fun, delicious and nutritious with nasturtium bread rolls. Adding nasturtium leaves to bread dough will produce vibrant green bread with a mild nasturtium flavour. This is a wonderful recipe to make with kids. They’ll love having handmade green bread rolls in their school lunch box.

Find nasturtium bread rolls recipe here.

10 ways to cook with nasturtiums

Nasturtium salad

Nasturtium flowers have long been used to garnish salads with their vibrant orange, yellow and red hues. But rather than using the flowers as a garnish, why not try making them the star of the dish. This nasturtium, beetroot and walnut summer salad will wow dinner party guests with presentation and flavour.

Find nasturtium salad recipe here.

10 ways to cook with nasturtiums

Stuffed nasturtium leaves

If you love dolmades, you’ll love stuffed nasturtium leaves. Traditional Greek dolmades are made with grape leaves,but nasturtium leaves are a suitable substitute, especially if you don’t have grape leaves growing in your garden.

Find stuffed nasturtium leaves recipe here.

10 ways to cook with nasturtiums

Nasturtium mini wraps

Are you gluten intolerant or just don’t like eating wheat? Try swapping wheat-based wraps for nasturtium leaves. This healthy and light alternative is not only delicious and packed full of flavour, but you can fill them with any filling you would normally use to make wraps.

As you’re using nasturtium leaves, the wraps will be smaller than wheat-based wraps, so just make a few more to suit your appetite. These also make great party appetisers or entrees. 

Find nasturtium mini wraps recipe here.

10 ways to cook with nasturtiums

Nasturtium mini quiches

Mini quiches make great snacks for adults and kids of all ages. They’re a perfect on-the-go snack or lunch box treat. Most quiches require a base made of pastry, but if you don’t like pastry or you would prefer a healthier alternative, try using nasturtium leaves instead. You can also add the leaves to the filling for extra nasturtium flavour.

Find nasturtium mini quiches recipe here.  

10 ways to cook with nasturtiums

Nasturtium and grape jelly

Who doesn’t love jelly? It’s fun to eat and tastes delicious. If you love to get creative in the kitchen then try making nasturtium and grape jelly. You’ll only need four ingredients to make this jelly including the nasturtium flowers you can pick straight from your garden.

Find nasturtium and grape jelly recipe here.

10 unbelievable ways to cook with nasturtiums

If you don’t have nasturtiums growing in your garden, plant some seeds and reap the rewards of this fast and easy to grow edible plant. Shop nasturtiums seeds here.


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