What to do with old greeting cards

Greeting cards are one element of the pre-digital world that has not died out, and for a good reason. Like photos, greeting cards are the memories of our life captured in words. From celebrating a happy milestone to a heartfelt message to someone who is grieving, a card is the sender’s tangible thought that has been shared with you in your moments of happiness, success, or sadness. It’s a sentimental reminder of the sender’s love and the way they felt about you at that moment in time. 

Some people appreciate greeting cards when they are received and are happy to discard them. But for others, throwing away cards can be difficult, especially ones filled with thoughtful, loving messages. In hard times, these beautiful memories instil energy and faith within your soul and remind you that you’re surrounded by loving people, and you’re not alone. That’s why cards are worth keeping. But not all cards are meant to be kept forever or are equal in sentimental value. While it would be wonderful to keep all cards received from loved ones, they can quickly pile up and overwhelm you both mentally and physically. So, how do you decide which cards to keep and discard?

Identifying the emotional significance of each card is the easiest way to help you decide if it is worth keeping or not. There are three key points to consider when sorting through your cards.

Three tips for sorting greeting cards

The sender

We often receive many cards from family members we cherish and adore in our lifetime. But, instead of keeping a giant pile of cards, sort them into piles by the sender and only keep a few cards from each person. Carefully select the cards you want to keep by reading each message and choosing the ones that emotionally connect with you most.

The message

Not all cards hold the same sentimental value. Cards that are handmade or have a heartfelt message are usually more significant than those with a generic message or signature at the bottom. Cards that contain thoughtful, loving messages from those you cherish deeply or admire greatly should always be kept as they’re a wonderful reminder of the way the person felt about you at that moment in time. There’s nothing more special than reading messages filled with love from the ones you love most.

The moment 

Many occasions throughout your life are acknowledged by loved ones sending cards. It usually starts when you’re born and is followed by all your birthdays, life milestones, religious events and holiday celebrations. You may cherish all of these significant milestones, but some outshine others. Recognising these extra special moments in your life will help you identify whether a card is worth keeping or not. For example, a card given to you on your 18th birthday might outweigh a card given to you by the same person on your 14th birthday, or a farewell card for your first overseas adventure might hold more significance than a get well soon card. But, it’s always important to remember that the message written on the card could have more significance than the reason the card was sent to you.

It’s okay to let go

It’s important to remember that it’s okay to let go of cards that you’re no longer emotionally connected to. By letting go of the less significant cards, you can focus on cherishing the cards that hold more sentimental value in your heart.

How to store greeting cards

There are many ways you can store cards to cherish forever. You can frame the most special cards, keep all of your cards in a special box, or display them in a folder. It’s up to you how you choose to store your greeting cards!

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