Make these beautiful dried flower Christmas baubles

Adorning the home with festive decorations is a Christmas tradition that spans centuries. While it’s nice to decorate the home with traditional Christmas decorations, sometimes red, green, silver and gold tinsel and baubles can be a bit bland year after year. If you’re keen to spice things up and add a splash of colour to your home, then try making these dried flower Christmas baubles using the flowers you’ve grown in your garden. They’re quick and easy to make and add a botanical touch to your Christmas tree. Dried flower Christmas baubles also make beautiful homemade gifts for family and friends.

How to make dried flower Christmas baubles

What you need to make dried flower Christmas baubles:

  • Fillable clear baubles
  • Twine or ribbon
  • Dried flowers

Steps to make dried flower Christmas baubles:

  1. Dry flowers you’ve picked from the garden or purchased from a florist. We recommend drying flowers that retain their colour and shape best such as statice, everlasting daisies, baby’s breath and billy buttons. To dry flowers, pick them fresh and then hang them upside down in a dry area in your home out of direct sunlight. Drying will take approximately two weeks.
  2. Once your flowers are completely dry, cut the stems off and place a few of the flower heads with the head facing outwards in one side of your fillable bauble. Don’t be afraid to overfill your bauble as a dense about of flowers will help to keep them in place inside the bauble.
  3. Once you’ve filled one side of your bauble, carefully place the other side of the bauble on and thread twine through the hanging hole.
  4. Now it’s time to hang up your dried flower Christmas baubles or gift them to your family and friends.

See how quick and easy it is to make these dried flower Christmas baubles. What our Instagram Reel here.

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