Iconic Australian gifts and souvenirs to send to loved ones

Iconic Australian gifts and souvenirs to send to loved ones

Whether you’re celebrating a friend’s homecoming, welcoming international visitors or comforting a homesick relative, connect loved ones with Australia’s rich heritage and culture with iconic Australian gifts and souvenirs. Forget the landmark magnets, visitor postcards, Tim Tams and Vegemite, the four Australian made gifts below make for some of the best souvenirs from Australia.

Australian gifts and souvenirs to send to loved ones

Australian Native Gift of Seeds

Celebrate some of the most iconic flora of the Australian landscape with a souvenir the recipient can grow!

Lightweight and affordable, an Australian Native Gift of Seeds is a perfect gift to send to loved ones to celebrate Australia’s stunning native flora. Choose from Kangaroo Paw, Swan River Daisy, Billy Buttons or Everlasting Daisy. Each Gift of Seeds is embellished with beautiful botanic illustrations by Daniella Germain, and comes with seeds, a unique planting tag, sowing instructions and an envelope for gifting or mailing purposes. Each flower is easy to grow and produces mesmerising and memorable blooms in vivid colours.

Shop Australian Native Gifts of Seeds here.

Australian gifts and souvenirs

Australian Native Seed Gift Set

Beautifully packaged in a recycled kraft gift box, a Native Seed Gift Set includes all four Australian Native Gifts of Seeds – Billy Buttons, Kangaroo Paw, Swan River Daisy and Everlasting Daisy. It’s a perfect gift to celebrate a friend’s homecoming or welcome international visitors.

Shop Australian Native Gift of Seeds Set here.

Note: we recommend checking each country’s customs regulations before sending or taking seeds overseas.

Iconic Australian gifts and souvenirs to send to loved ones

Pop Up Pot

Featuring landscape watercolour artworks inspired by significant Australian locations, a Mountain or Beach Pop Up Pot is a perfect gift to send to loved ones overseas or a souvenir to take home to serve as a reminder of your trip down under.

A Pop Up Pot is an origami-style plant pot that comes flat and assembles with a quick pop and a push. They’re designed and made in Australia from 100% recycled and carbon neutral polypropylene that is both flexible and lightweight, making it a safe souvenir to pack in your luggage or an affordable gift to send in the mail. Simply insert it into a C5 envelope and post it anywhere in the world for the cost of a letter.

Beach Pop Up Pot features artwork inspired by Victoria’s dramatic coastline of rugged cliffs, golden sands, picturesque beaches, and islands. Mountain Pop Up Pot is inspired by the Glass House Mountains on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland – a spiritually significant place for Australia’s First Nations Peoples. Thousands of years ago, this area provided a varied and rich environment of river systems, forests and coastal wetlands that allowed First Nations Peoples to gather for ceremonies and trading. You can learn more about The Glasshouse Mountains here.

Shop Mountain Pop Up Pot here or Beach Pop Up Pot here.

Flower Press

Surprise a loved one with a flower press featuring iconic Australian native flora. It’s a gift they won’t expect to receive but will delight them in many ways.  

When you give someone a Flower Press, you’re not only giving them a sustainable gift they can treasure forever but the experience of pressing and preserving nature. There are many wonderful things you can create from homemade greeting cards to bookmarks, framed pictures and even coasters. It’s a wonderful way to extend the joy of flowers you’ve been given or grown in your garden.​​​​​​​​

Each Flower Press is decorated with original botanical illustrations engraved into the top plate. Choose from a Mini Wattle Flower Press, Large Billy Buttons Flower Press, or Giant Gumnut Flower Press. All three Flower Presses feature Australian native flora making them perfect Australian gifts and souvenirs.

Shop Flower Presses here.

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Gifts to Grow

Embedded and inspired by nature, Sow ’n Sow believe in purposeful gifting that doesn’t cost the planet.

From a small seed of an idea, Sow ’n Sow was dreamt up by founder Michelle Brady combining her love of gardening and flair for design in 2010.


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