26 Gardening Gift Ideas for Every Budget and Occasion

Find a great range of gifts for gardeners in this gift guide

Looking for the perfect gift for the gardener in your life? Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas or just because, our guide has got you covered. This comprehensive list includes gift ideas for any type of green thumb, whether they’re looking for something unusual, luxury, eco-friendly or budget-friendly.

But, we didn’t stop there. We asked our customers what the best gardening gifts they’ve ever received were and included their recommendations in this list. From practical tools to whimsical decor, we’ve gathered the top picks that any gardener would love.

So, sit back, relax, and let us help you find the perfect gardening gift for that special someone in your life.

Gardening Gifts Under $20

Gifts for gardeners gardening gifts

Gift of Seeds

Gifts don’t have to be expensive to be thoughtful and appreciated. If you’re looking for the ultimate budget garden gift that ticks all the boxes, a Gift of Seeds is all you need. This inexpensive present cleverly combines a greeting card with a packet of seeds to form a gift to grow and only requires two stamps to send in the mail.

Portia says it’s “a perfect gift when you just want to give a little something special.”

Neem leaf oil for indoor plants gardening gift

Indoor Plant Oil

Nothing makes a plant parent prouder than when their indoor plants are healthy, free from pests and looking their best. If you’re shopping for a self-confessed plant addict, then The Plant Runner Neem Oil Natural Leaf Shine makes a perfect gift.

Made with 100% certified organic neem seed oil that has been hand blended with a vegetable-based wetting agent, this natural leaf shine will help remove dust on the leaves, improving the plant’s ability to photosynthesise.

Sow 'n Sow Pop Up Pot

Pop Up Pot

Spoil your favourite gardener with a Pop Up Pot featuring original acrylic artwork by Jackie Anderson. A Pop Up Pot is an innovative, designer, portable plant pot that assembles with a quick pop and a push.

Choose from three sizes. Wonderfully sustainable and perfect for posting, these pots make a great gift on their own or a cheery addition to a hamper.

Phoebe Bishop loves these colourful pots and says they “make a great gift as they come flat and can be posted in the mail.”

Natural bug spray for outdoor use

Natural Bug Spray

Pesky flies, midges and mosquitoes can turn a lovely day pottering in the garden into an irritating nightmare. A bottle of natural bug spray might be a practical gift, but it will help make time spent in the garden more enjoyable. Kaz, who has tried many other brands, says none come close to Lil Bit Shoo Bug Spray. She loves that it repels flies, midges and even sand flies.

“I’ve finally found a repellent that actually works,” says Kaz.

Soap specially designed for gardeners

Gardeners Soap

When shopping for a gardening gift under $20, you can’t go past a good quality soap specially made for gardeners’ hands. Handcrafted in Australia from natural ingredients, this soap is fragranced with basil, rosemary, orange, and eucalyptus essential oils – reminiscent of a beautiful herb garden.

It includes ground coffee to help scrub away dirt and grime while leaving hands feeling fresh and nourished – everything a gardener’s hands need after a day of digging, cutting and planting.


Luxury Gardening Gifts

Sustainable gardening workshops

Sustainable Gardening Workshop

A workshop that teaches you how to grow and maintain a productive garden is a gift both novice and professional gardeners will enjoy and one that will last a lifetime.

Whether it’s composting, permaculture, growing cut flowers or fresh produce, cultivating mushrooms, or caring for succulents, when it comes to gardening, there’s always something new to learn. And, if you both enjoy gardening, get tickets for yourself too, so that you can attend the workshop together.

A brass mister that helps to keep indoor plants hydrated and healthy

Haws Brass Mister

With a five-star rating, a Haws Brass Mister will please the fussiest plant parents. This classic vintage mister features a press plunger that provides the right level of control to deliver a fine mist of water or liquid fertiliser. It’s perfect for keeping thirsty ferns and delicate indoor plants healthy and hydrated and is a gardening tool that doesn’t need to be put away when not in use.

Sonya Cerny loves her brass mister and says, “it has aged over time and looks so cool.”

A seed subscription that delivers a packet of seeds to the recipients door each month

Gift of Seeds Subscription

Deliver a regular dose of happiness directly to your favourite gardener’s door with a Gift of Seeds Subscription. Every month for 6 to 12 months, the lucky recipient will receive one beautifully illustrated Gift of Seeds which includes a packet of seeds, plant label and sowing instructions.

Lisa, who purchased a yearly subscription for her mum’s birthday, said each month her mum would be so excited for her new present of seeds.

“It was like her birthday every month. I would highly recommend the Gift of Seeds subscription – it won’t disappoint,” she says.

Gardening secateurs with timber handles

Gardening Secateurs

Where would a gardener be without a pair of good quality secateurs? These high-quality secateurs by Heaven in Earth feature beautiful ash timber handles, drop forged stainless blades, and a simple latch that keeps them secure when not in use. They’re great for pruning small branches, deadheading perennials and harvesting fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Opinel Gardening knives to use when harvesting, pruniong and deadhead your garden.

Gardening Knives

An Opinel Gardening Tools 3pc Set is a fantastic gift for an avid gardener that is both beautiful and useful. This wooden gift box contains three world-class knives designed specifically for maintain a thriving garden and veggie patch.

Hand-crafted in France, Opinel Saw N°12 is used for cutting branches, the Garden Knife N°08 is perfect for weeding and harvesting, while the Pruning Knife N°08 makes grafting and deadheading a breeze.

Maddie Brady says a swish new gardening saw to cut branches “makes life much easier.”

 Eco-Friendly Gifts For Gardeners

Native bee hotel for the garden

Native Bee Hotel

Any gardener knows how beneficial bees are for a garden. A native bee hotel is an easy way to improve cross-pollination in the garden without the hassle of maintaining a hive of honeybees.

You simply place it in the garden and solitary native bees will nest in tiny bamboo hollows and nooks safely away from predators.

Native bees don’t store honey and only collect nectar to feed their young which makes a native bee hotel a perfect low-maintenance gift for any gardener.

A kit to grow your own mushrooms at home

Mushroom Grow Kit

From the lawn and garden bed to the compost bin, mushrooms appear everywhere. While it might be a good sign of beneficial microbes at work in the soil, it’s not fresh garden produce any gardener should eat.

If the avid gardener you’re shopping for enjoys growing fresh produce, give them the gift of growing fungi at home with a mushroom grow kit. Its fun indoor gardening the whole family can enjoy, and they’ll be amazed watching how quickly they grow.

Make biodegradable pots from newspaler with this pot maker set

Paper Pot Maker

An eco-friendly Paper Pot Maker is a gardening gift both young and old will enjoy using. This simple kit by Burgon & Ball allows gardeners to make a limitless supply of pots from recycled newspaper to sow seeds and raise seedlings.

Once seeds have germinated, you can plant the whole pot directly into the soil as the newspaper will naturally biodegrade over time.

Melanie says, “it’s a really sweet gift and lots of fun for the kids.”

A plant pot and seed gift set for gardeners

Pot and Seed Set

If you’re searching for a gardening gift you can send in the mail or give to a beginner gardener, purchase a Pot and Seed Set. Like a pick-and-mix, you can mix and match any Gift of Seeds and Pop Up Pot to create a personalised present any recipient will love. With 84 different combinations, there’s a Pot and Seed Set for every gardener.

Metal bird feeder to hang in the garden and attract birds

Bird Feeder

Creating a space where wildlife can live harmoniously is every gardener’s goal. Help them invite birds to their garden with this beautiful hanging metal bird feeder. Hand crafted in Australia, the rustic design that ages over time complements gardens and enhances the experience of viewing and interacting with nature.

For Hannah, the brass hanging bird feeder she gave her grandparents for their anniversary is a treasured gift “hanging in prime position on their back deck.”

Practical Gifts For Gardeners

One piece Australian made gardening tools made from marine-grade aluminium alloy poured into a single mould.

Gardening Tools Set

For the dedicated gardener in your life, win over their heart with gardening tools from Garden Tools Australia. Cast from marine-grade aluminium alloy poured into a single mould, these handheld gardening tools are virtually indestructible and will be the last set they’ll ever need.

There are no joins, screws or rivets that eventually loosen over time, and they won’t bend, break, rust, corrode or tarnish – even when left outside in the garden. The ergonomically designed handle also offers a comfortable and secure grip making potting, weeding and digging even more enjoyable.

Stylish gardening gloves featuring songbirds and foliage

Gardening Gloves

A pair of good quality gardening gloves is practical gift gardeners of all ages will appreciate. These Flora & Fauna Gloves by Burgon & Ball tick all the boxes. Both practical and stylish, the cushioned palm and gathered wrists provide comfort and protection, while the elegant pattern featuring songbirds and foliage brings style to the garden.

Abi Ornig has fond memories of a pair of gardening gloves she received when she turned eight and remembers feeling very grown up to have her own pair.

“I always wanted to garden like my mum and grandpa.”

Broad-brimmed hat to protect yourself from the sun while gardening

Gardening Hat

A broad-brimmed hat is a practical gift every gardener will appreciate, especially in the warmer months. The Vacationer hat from Australian Brand Bedhead Hats is made from 100% eco-friendly linen, which can self-cool in summer and warm in winter and provides UPF50+ sun protection without overheating heads.

The wide brims shield the eyes, face and neck from the harsh sun meaning more time can be spent pottering in the garden, even in the hottest part of the day.

Old fashioned metal watering can

Watering Can

It’s a practical gardening tool, but where would a gardener be without a watering can? They’re great for indoor and outdoor use, especially when feeding plants with liquid fertiliser.

While there are many cheap watering cans on the market, nothing beats the good old-fashioned tin watering cans. They last a lifetime with care, making for a solid gardening investment. It will no doubt be a treasured and regularly used garden gift.

Hand balm to help nurture and protect the skin after a hard day’s work in the garden

Hand Balm

Relieve a gardener’s hard-working hands after a day of pruning, digging, weeding and planting with the gift of a soothing botanical hand balm. Designed specifically with gardeners in mind and formulated with restorative Vitamin C from Australian Kakadu Plum, this Australian-made hand balm will nurture and protect the skin, relieving them of the hard day’s work in the garden.


Unusual Gardening Gifts

Automatic Chicken Coop Door that opens and closes automatically

Automatic Chicken Coop Door

If you’re gift shopping for a gardener who cares for chickens, remove one less chore from their day with an automatic chicken coop door. It opens and shuts automatically at scheduled times and can be installed on any metal, timber or mesh chicken coop.

Plant climbers to help plants to grow vertically

Plant Climbers

While beautiful pots complement indoor plants, there are other ways to style and embellish them to suit your décor. Plant climbers not only help plants to grow vertically, but they also enhance it with vibrant colours and unique shapes.

Designed, developed and made in Brisbane, Honeys Plant Climbers offer high-quality, laser-cut acrylic plant climbers in a range of shapes and colours.

Australian made flower press for pressing and preserving flowers and foilage

Flower Press

For those who love to give sentimental gifts, a Flower Press will warm any gardener’s or flower lover’s heart. They’ll adore pressing and preserving blooms they’ve grown in their garden to admire long after the season has passed.

Featuring gorgeous illustrations by Daniella Germain, each press is handcrafted in Australia out of hard-wearing materials to ensure stable pressure and long-lasting use. Lisa Cole, who recently purchased a Flower Press, highly recommends this gift.

“My 9yr old daughter loves it,” says Cole.

A metal harvesting basket specially designed for collecting harvested garden produce and flowers

Harvesting Basket

When a garden is in full bloom, it can be challenging carrying all your freshly harvested produce. A harvesting basket is specially designed for this purpose and is a perfect gift for those with a thriving vegetable or flower garden.

The shallow, oval-shaped basket provides space to carry long produce like flowers, silver beat and rhubarb while holding small items such as tomatoes, beans and cucumbers.

Compost aerator to keep compost healthy

Compost Aerator

Serious gardeners know how important compost is for keeping the nutrients in your garden while turning vegetable and fruit scraps into delicious worm-loving soil. And the trick to keeping healthy, nice-smelling compost is aerating the pile. Enter the Compost Mate – a genius tool you use like a corkscrew to toss the compost without getting your hands grubby.

Monty Compost Monitor

Compost Monitor

It can be difficult maintaining the right carbon-nitrogen ratio of a compost heap which prevents it from being too wet or too dry. Take the guesswork out of composting and give the gift of accuracy, with a Monty Monitor – a world-first digital compost probe that measures the temperature, water vapour and organic gases emitted from a compost pile and transmits it via Bluetooth to an app on your phone. It keeps everything in check, meaning no more wet, stinky compost.

Gifts to Grow

Embedded and inspired by nature, Sow ’n Sow believe in purposeful gifting that doesn’t cost the planet.

From a small seed of an idea, Sow ’n Sow was dreamt up by founder Michelle Brady combining her love of gardening and flair for design in 2010.


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