15 fun Easter activities for kids

15 fun Easter activities for kids

Don’t wait for your kids to tell you they’re bored these Easter holidays. Keep them entertained by setting up a range of Easter activities that are suitable for all ages and abilities.

15 Easter activities for kids

Easter Tag

Easter Tag is a fun version of regular tag where a player is nominated to be the first tagger, and the other players have to run around and avoid being tagged. Once a player has been tagged, it’s their turn to be the tagger. To play Easter tag, players can yell out Easter-related words to keep the tagger at bay. Once a word has been used, players can’t use that word again.

Easter egg advent calendar

Christmas gets a countdown, so why not start one in the lead-up to Easter. Fill empty and clean eggshells with confetti and then cover the egg and the hole by gluing a thin layer of coloured tissue paper to each egg. Write a number on each egg, from 1 to 6. On each day leading up to Easter, smash a confetti egg to celebrate being a day closer to Easter. 

Easter-themed activities: Chocolate free Easter egg hut

Chocolate free Easter hunt

An egg hunt is a fun Easter activity many households do in the morning. It involves kids trying to find chocolate eggs that have been hidden around the house or backyard. While this activity makes a fun Easter tradition, if you’re keen to switch it up, why not try a chocolate free version by swapping chocolate eggs for seed packs. This option is not only a great alternative for kids who are allergic to chocolate or don’t enjoy eating it, but the experience lasts much longer as your kids get to plant their seeds and watch them grow after finding them. Purchase a range of flower seeds here.

Egg and spoon race

This traditional backyard game is fun for adults and kids of all ages. All you need is some spoons and eggs from your kitchen. Mark out a start and finish line and get all players to line up balancing their egg on a spoon at the start line. When the race starts, all players must move as quickly as possible to the fishing lie, balancing the egg on their spoon. The first to cross the finish line without dropping their egg wins the race. 

Easter activities for kids - pressed edible flower cake

Make a pressed edible flower cake

There are many wonderful baking-related Easter activities, but rather than making your usual Easter cookies or cupcakes with your kids, teach them how to make a pressed edible flower cake using edible flowers collected from your garden. Add Easter-themed elements by placing mini chocolate eggs or bunny ear decorations on the cake with the pressed edible flowers. 

Pin the tail on the bunny

Pin the tail on the bunny is just like the game pin the tail on the donkey. Draw a picture of a bunny’s back or side profile with an outline of its tail. Cut matching tail shapes and give one to each user. Place the bunny drawing on a wall at a height all players can easily reach. Each player is blindfolded, spun around three times in front of the bunny picture and must then place their tail on the image where they think the bunny tail is. The player with the tail closest to the one on the picture wins.  

Pressed flower bunny ears

Your kids will love celebrating Easter by making their own pressed flower bunny ears. Simply cut two bunny ears and a band that fits around your kids head from coloured cardboard and glue pressed flowers to the ears and/or band. They’ll love hopping around the garden playing Easter bunny games while wearing their pressed flower bunny ears.

Press flowers

The best Easter activities are ones that get kids outside and exploring natural environments. There’s nothing more delightful than wandering around your garden or park and picking fresh blooms with your kids. But instead of placing them in a vase only to enjoy for a week, try pressing them so you can enjoy them for longer. Find out how to press flowers here

Pin bunny tails

Add double-sided tape to pompoms or cotton balls and place equal quantities in separate dishes. Every player gets a dish of bunny tails, and when the game starts, they must try to stick as many tails on other players as they can in a set amount of time. Once the timer goes off, the person with the most bunny tails on them loses the game and must sit out. Repeat the game until you have a winner. 

Easter activities for kids - seed bombs

Easter egg seed bombs

Keep your kids busy and fill your garden with beautiful flowers with this DIY Easter egg seed bomb activity created by Andrea from Heart of Blooms. To make them, you need clay, soil, seeds, pressed flowers, non-toxic paint, and an egg mould. Once made, throw them into the garden and wait for the seeds to sprout and bloom. Find the instructions on how to make Easter egg seed bombs here

Plant seeds in eggshells

Before Easter holidays begin, save an egg carton and fill it with used eggshells. After using the eggs, wash out the shells, let them dry thoroughly, and place them back in the carton. On the Easter holidays, place a small amount of dirt in each eggshell and plant a few seeds in each one. Sprinkle with water and watch your seeds grow over the next few weeks. Once seedlings have sprouted, transplant them into the garden. Shop a range of flower seeds here.

Homemade edible flower chocolate block

Easter and chocolate go hand in hand, so why not have fun making your own edible flower chocolate blocks. This easy Easter activity is fun for all ages and gives you a delicious treat to enjoy yourself or a present to give to family and friends. All you need is a chocolate block mould, melting chocolate, food colouring and edible flowers.  Find out how to make these beautiful edible flower chocolate blocks here.

Jumping bunnies

Jumping bunnies backyard game is just like sack races, but to make it Easter-themed, pin a white pompom tail to each sack. Start the race with all participants standing in their sack on the start line. On the word go, all participants have to hop in their sack to the finish line and the first person to cross the finish line wins the race. If you don’t have hessian potato sacks, you can use old pillowcases.  

Easter activities for kids- Easter decorations

Pressed flower Easter egg decorations

There are many craft Easter activities, but none are quite as decorative as these pressed flower egg decorations by Di from Moments Like Mine. Before the Easter holidays, start pressing a range of flowers using a flower press and keep them safely in a box. When your kids are on holidays, get them to cut out Easter egg shapes and glue pressed flowers to one side of the shape. Once dry, hang up the pressed flower Easter egg decorations around your home. 

Egg push

This is a fun Easter game for all family members. Each player receives an egg and must roll it along the ground to the finish line using only their nose. The first player to cross the finish line with their egg intact wins the race. 

4 stunning flower activities for kids from Heart of Blooms

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