10 creative ways to use a Pop Up Pot

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Don’t you love it when a product has multiple purposes? Pop Up Pots are origami style plant pots that assemble with a quick pop and a push. They’re waterproof, durable and sustainable, but did you know there are many other ways you can use these pots besides potting a plant in them?  Here are 10 alternative uses for a Pop Up Pot.

10 creative ways to use a Pop Up Pot

Hold Stationery

Stationery is something everyone household has stored somewhere, but it often seems when you need a pen or a pair of scissors, they’re nowhere to be found.  Save time trawling through your home in search of stationery items by keeping them a Pop Up Pot in a handy spot in your home. From a collection of pens and markers to scissors, tape and rulers, a Pop Up Pot will hold all your stationery in one place.

Gift hamper

Who doesn’t love receiving a nice gift hamper? If you love putting together hampers to gift to your loved ones, why not use a Pop Up Pot as the vessel to hold all your gifts instead of a box or basket? A Pop Up Pot not only looks vibrant, just like wrapping paper, but it also acts as another gift for the recipient. A bottle of wine fits perfectly inside a small Pop Up Pot.

Hold loose change

Loose change left lying around the home can be handy when you need a dollar to two in a hurry, but when it’s scattered around the house, it tends to make rooms look untidy and can end up sucked up in the vacuum. Keep loose change in one place by putting it in a Pop Up Pot. There’s less chance of it getting lost, and you’ll know exactly where to go when you need some loose change.

Vibrant food containers

Add a splash of colour to your party by using Pop Up Pots as vibrant food containers. They’re great for serving dry party foods such as chips, popcorn, lollies and other treats, and the tiered sizes look great together filled with goodies. The small Pop Up Pot is great for holding napkins too.

Under-sink storage caddy

Is underneath your sink messy and cluttered with dishcloths, scrubbing brushes and cleaners? Tidy this space by using a Pop Up Pot to hold all of these items. The slits at the bottom of the Pop Up Pot will keep all of these items dry as water won’t collect at the bottom of the pot.

Collect small produce from the garden

Use a Pop Up Pot to collect small produce from your garden, such as cherry tomatoes, beans, berries, lettuce leaves and sprigs of herbs. The best part about this is you can use the pot as a collider to wash your freshly picked produce as the slits at the bottom let the water drain out.

Storage container for seeds

Do you have a collection of seeds lying around your garden shed or home? You’ll never lose them again if you keep them altogether in a Pop Up Pot.

Pantry Storage

Most of us have a collection of small packets in our pantry whether that be small bags of spices, nuts, stock cubes, muffin cases or cake decorations. Keep your pantry tidy and clutter free by storing them in a Pop Up Pot.

Flower vase cover

If you receive a bunch of flowers but don’t have a vase, never fear; you can use a Pop Up Pot instead. Find a jar in your recycling bin, fill it with water and place cut flowers in it. Then place the jar of flowers inside a Pop Up Pot, and voila! You have a beautiful vase of flowers to display in your home.

Store hair accessories

If you or your kids have loads of beautiful hair accessories, keep them all in one place in a Pop Up Pot. From scrunchies to clips and headbands, a Pop Up Pot will hold them all!


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