Wilkinson Residence

I have discovered the house of my dreams! Wilkinson Residence is in Portland, Oregon and was designed to feel a part of the natural landscape whilst also addressing the flow of music as the owner was a music lover.  Completed in 2004,  The house reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wrights Fallingwater which I had the privilege of visiting with my family when I was 15. Interestingly, Oshatz worked and studied under Frank Lloyd Wright, Jr. during summers and after completing his Architecture degree at Arizona State University. Oshatz established his own architecture firm Robert Harvet Oshatz Architects in 1971 and refers to his work as Organic Architecture and Green Sustainable Architecture.
An architect is an artist, creator, logician of evolving aesthetic structures; a designer of not only the visual but the internal space. I see architecture as a synthesis of logic and emotion, exploring and fulfilling the dreams, fantasies and realities of my clients, whether they are individuals, corporate, or community identities,” says Oshatz. 
There are many more inspiring words and photographs of Oshatz’s other residential and commercial projects on the Robert Harvey Oshatz Architecture website. Robert, I feel privileged that you took the time to respond to my email in giving me permission to use these photographs of your work. I will keep dreaming and perhaps one day you can design a house for me.

Photographs by Cameron Neilson 

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