Twoone Hiroyasu

‘Hiro’ as he’s known to locals is a Melbourne Based artist who I met on Monday. Born in Yokohama Japan, Twoone moved to Australia when he was 18 and quickly became a prominent part of the local street art scene. The artworks above are a small selection of some new and old pieces… beautiful lines, driven by nature.
Rumour has it a large inner city mural may be on the cards…. in the mean time you can catch Hiro this Thursday August 5th at Go Font Yourself or at the secret Wrongtown event this Saturday… to be a part of that you need to go to the flower stall in Rockley Gardens at 2pm. There is also the ‘In The Absence of Man’ Nature Will Take Over exhibition of Hiro’s new works from Friday the 6th of August until September 12 at China Heights Gallery for you Sydney siders. Sounds like you’re keeping busy Hiro!  Check out Twoone’s blog
ok here’s some more, couldn’t resist… it’s been terribly long since I last posted… and I’m feeling guilty. (but there’s more to come real soon, promise!)

Might be moving to Talbot…Bish and Tossi are obsessed!

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