Trending indoor plants and how to keep them happy

Trending plants and how to keep them happy

Indoor plants not only make your home feel tranquil with their vibrant green foliage, they’re also great at cleaning and purifying the air by filtering out harmful contaminants. When shopping for an indoor plant, it can be overwhelming finding the right one for your home.

With the volume of plants that pass through Aloe Flora’s indoor plant studio in Maleny, Queensland, Lauren and Henry have a rather good gauge on what’s trending and the best indoor plants for your space. Whilst trends come and go with the seasons, this list of indoor beauties are very much a staple in your home for 2021.

Trending plants and how to keep them happy


Aside from being drought-tolerant and virtually indestructible, the best things about cacti is you don’t need a green thumb to grow them.  Whether you keep your cacti inside or out, the general rule is to let the soil dry out completely between watering. Give your cacti a good soak allowing the water to run out the drain holes.  Ensure your cacti is kept in a pot that allows it to be very well drained, after all these are desert plants and don’t like to have their feet kept wet! Fertilise in the warmer months and place in a bright spot to allow for maximum growth.

Trending plants and how to keep them happy

Monstera Deliciosa (AKA Swiss Cheese Plant)

The monstera is found in tropical rainforests so with this in mind it’s important to get the watering right. To keep it simple, we advise our clients to put their finger into the topsoil to their first knuckle – if it feels dry then it’s time for a water.  If your monstera is kept in heating or air-conditioning mist the leaves one week or more to keep the humidity up. Monsteras like a bright spot but never direct sun, they are pretty aggressive growers so repot every two years so there’s plenty of room to move. Every three years it’s a good idea to trim your monstera up otherwise your plant baby may just take over. Keep your monstera nourished by fertilising every two weeks in spring and summer.

Trending plants and how to keep them happy

Ficus Lyrata (AKA Fiddle Leaf Fig)

The fiddle leaf fig is by the far the most questioned plant instore.  A little tricky to get right, when looking good they have beautiful large leathery green leaves, but when they’re not so happy they will drop these beauties in a heartbeat!  So, it’s important to get your fiddle leaf positioned correctly – lots of bright filtered light and keep rotating so your fig is encouraged to grow up straight. Dry out between waterings then give a big drench of water taking care to wash the leaves at the same time. Fiddle leaf figs love to be fed – give a good dose of a slow release fertiliser four times a year.

Trending plants and how to keep them happy

Epipremnum Aureum (AKA Devils Ivy or Pothos)

We love low maintenance over here so the devils ivy is a definite soulmate.  The Devils Ivy is an all-rounder, happy in bright or low light and can be grown in water or soil.  Keep an eye on the leaves as they tell you how the watering is going.  If the leaves look limp it’s time for a water, if they are yellowing or soggy then stop the water immediately.  Generally speaking, water once a week and keep nourished in the warmer months with fertiliser.

Trending plants and how to keep them happy

Spathiphyllum (AKA Peace Lily)

Recommended to everyone, no green thumbs required for this beautiful plant. Easy to care for, they are one of the best indoor plants to choose for low light in your home.  A favourite of ours as they are one of the best plants to purify the air indoors.  The Peace Lily is a little dramatic and will certainly let you know if she is in need of a water.  Not to fear, her droopy leaves will stand upright again after an overnight soak.  Keep the leaves clean to maximise the air purification process.  At home, our kids shower with their Peace Lily – I’m not sure if this is genius of just laziness either way, it works. To keep your Peace Lily flowering all year round, fertilise once a month.

Trending plants and how to keep them happy

Ficus Elastica (AKA Rubber Plant)

The Rubber plant is a gorgeous statement plant growing up to 2.5 meters indoors. With big shiny leaves in colours ranging from burgundy to variegated pink and white they will fill any negative space in your home. Super hardy with excellent air purification properties this is a forever favourite.  Like the Fiddle Leaf Fig, they like bright filtered light and a rotation to keep them going tall and straight. Dry out between waterings then completely saturate the soil.  Don’t forget to keep the leaves clean – they too love a shower.  A regular feed with fertiliser will keep your rubber plant happy and healthy.

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