Sustainable Christmas gifts for kids 

Sustainable Christmas gifts for kids

Shopping for sustainable Christmas gifts for kids can sometimes be a challenging task. There are many wonderful gifts to buy for kids, but unfortunately, most contain plastic that will likely end up in landfill one day. If you’re trying to be more mindful of the impacts of the Christmas gifts you purchase this year, here are four sustainable gifts for kids that will not only inspire them to love nature but will bring many hours of joy with minimal impact on the planet.

Four sustainable Christmas gifts for kids

Gift of Seeds 

Planting a seed, nurturing it, and watching it grow into a flower is a wonder and a joy!

Give this joy to your kids or grandkids with a Gift of Seeds. A Gift of Seeds cleverly combines a greeting card with a packet of seeds to form a gift to grow. Each pack features beautiful artwork by artist Daniella Germain and includes a packet of seeds, a tearaway plant label for marking where seeds have been planted, sowing instructions and an envelope for mailing or gifting purposes.

There are over 20 varieties to choose from, including easy to grow cottage garden favourites, edibles, and Australian natives. For kids, we recommend Sunflower, Enchanted Garden, Bug Wonderland, Secret Garden, Wildflowers, Everlasting Daisy or Culinary Flowers Gift of Seeds as these varieties are easy and quick to grow.

In a world full of technology and instant gratification, this gift will get kids outside and in nature. Growing flowers is a wonderful activity that will teach them patience, responsibility and help to develop self-confidence from achieving their goal.

Shop Gift of Seeds here

Sustainable Christmas gifts for kids

Flower Press

Our delightful traditional Flower Presses featuring botanical illustrations by Melbourne artist Daniella Germain have won the hearts of our customers since we launched them in 2013.

A flower press is a unique gift that keeps on giving, making it a perfect gift for kids. They’ll love spending hours picking blooms and foliage from the garden and pressing and preserving them. Once pressed, using their pressed flowers is only limited to their imagination. They can add them to craft projects, display them in a frame or use them as bookmarks – the options are endless.

Our Flower Presses are available in three sizes, but we recommend the mini or large flower presses for kids.

Shop Flower Presses here

Sustainable Christmas gifts for kids

Pop Up Pots

If you love the idea of a Gift of Seeds, then complete your kids Christmas gift with a Pop Up Pot.

A Pop Up Pot is an origami-style plant pot that assembles with a quick pop. They’re fun and easy to make and feature vibrant artwork by Australian artists that kids will love.

Pop Up Pots are waterproof, durable, and perfect for sowing seeds or growing flowers and edible plants. They’re made from 100% recycled materials, are 100% certified carbon neutral, and can be placed in the recycling bin at the end of their life. But the best part is you can send a Pop Up Pot in the mail with a Gift of Seeds, making it a complete gardening gift. What kid doesn’t love to receive a gift in the letterbox addressed to them?

Shop Pop Up Pots here

Gifts to Grow

Embedded and inspired by nature, Sow ’n Sow believe in purposeful gifting that doesn’t cost the planet.

From a small seed of an idea, Sow ’n Sow was dreamt up by founder Michelle Brady combining her love of gardening and flair for design in 2010.


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