Sprouting new things

Well I’ve been really busy! Which is awesome. I’m very excited to announce Sow ‘n Sow’s new (or soon to be) stockists:

Not forgetting our first stockist:

And the Gift of Seeds are now also available on Ethikl which is an online marketplace for buying and selling all things natural, organic, handmade and ethical. There are some great products on the site and it’s a very nice community to be a part of – I’m loving Peita the founders Twitter updates! www.ethikl.com.au

Sow ‘n Sow is also going to be holding its first market stall on December 5 at the North Melbourne Market which is organised by Thread Den and held at the Lithuanian club in North Melbourne – come and visit me there! I’ve got an exciting living display stand planned and my seedlings are performing very well for the occasion, as long as they don’t out grow the pots.

We’ve also got a new product in the pipe line – lips are sealed for now so you’ll have to check back!

Oh and the picture! Isn’t it magical? This is my newly discovered happy place – The Conservatory in Fitzroy Gardens. As you walk through there is classical music playing and mist in the air so you feel like you’re dreaming! I’m guessing it’s especially lovely now because it’s Spring, so if you’re in Melbourne make sure you get there before all those amazing pretty things go to sleep. It’s free!

Gifts to Grow

Embedded and inspired by nature, Sow ’n Sow believe in purposeful gifting that doesn’t cost the planet.

From a small seed of an idea, Sow ’n Sow was dreamt up by founder Michelle Brady combining her love of gardening and flair for design in 2010.


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