Market Time!

We’ve just completed a mammoth custom order which has kept us very busy. ‘Us’ because I’ve had some wonderful helpers including Tossie who stayed up till 2am with me on a Saturday night!, Caja who glued the most basil packets in the most perfect way, sticker fingers packaging expert Mike and Bish who put up with me and helped through the whole process. I’m now preparing to launch the new seed variety (more on that soon!) and am organising things for the North Melbourne Market which I’ll be selling at this weekend. Please do come and visit me and check out all the other stall holders while you’re there! A great time to get your christmas shopping done. I’m going to have some gift sets as well as all three varieties of the ‘Gifts of Seeds’ so lots to get excited about.

Sow ‘n Sow is now available on hardtofind which is a great website full of unique gift ideas. We’re feeling pretty chuffed about getting picked as a worthy product and  am very excited to see how it goes.

And we’ve got a new stockist, the lovely Mandrake and Willow in Yarraville… a very good reason for me to be scheduling a visit to the area soon!

Here are some photos of the complete custom order including the towering wall of boxes! I will put up proper photos of the custom packets once they’ve been sent out to all the lucky one’s who’ll be receiving custom seed goodies.

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