How to grow Californian poppies from seed

Have you ever thought about growing Californian poppies from seed but wondered if it might be challenging?

Contrary to belief, Californian poppies are relatively easy to grow from seed, making them suitable for any experienced or novice gardener. They’re frost hardy, self-seeding, and if planted in the right conditions, will produce an abundance of bright, cheery flowers to enjoy year after year.

Continue reading to learn more about how to grow Californian poppies from seed below.

Learn how to grow Californian poppies from seed

Californian poppies are cheerful flowers that will bring joy to your garden as it flowers all summer.  

For successful growing, all you need to do is select the right position in your garden and these sun-loving annual plants will produce an abundance of flowers with warm hues of orange, white, red and pale pinks that contrast beautifully against its feathery muted green foliage.

Californian poppy seeds are best sown in spring and summer for blooming later in the season, however in mild climates, seeds can be sown in autumn for flowering in spring.  

Scatter Californian poppy seeds in a sunny position with well-draining soil free of weeds. Cover seeds with a thin layer of soil and keep them moist until the seeds have germinated. 

It’s best to sow Californian poppy seeds directly into the soil as they don’t tolerate their roots being disturbed. Once the seedlings have established, thin them out to 15cm apart and water regularly to ensure an abundant supply of blooms.

After flowers have bloomed, leave them to seed as there is a good chance they will self-seed and sprout up the following year giving you fresh new blooms to enjoy.

How to grow Californian poppies from seed

Sow: spring and summer; and also autumn in mild climates

Seeds germinate: 10-15 days

Soil type: well-drained soil

Sunlight: Full sun

Flowers emerge: 60-75 days

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