Growing Australian Natives in England

Proof you can grow our Australian Natives in England. I received this beautiful email last week, my favourite kind!

“I was given 4 packets of seeds last year by a kind lady visiting Devon in England and this summer was successful in getting all 4 to germinate. I have since lost the Golden Wattle – they just weren’t happy – but the Everlasting Daisy is flowering at the moment – the Kangaroo Paw is O.K. but not doing much and the Wisteria is climbing round sticks – and could take over the house soon. I’ve had to bring them all indoors (taken up a lot of space) to protect them from our forthcoming winter – but thrilled to have got them to this stage – even if they don’t survive – I’ve had a go.
Many thanks – love the packaging – it makes a lovely gift for those of us who love gardening.”
From Mrs Rose Hitchings, Devon – England


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