Fabulous Figs

I may be just a little bit obsessed with figs at the moment.  Ask any of my friends and they will all have heard of the fig enterprise I had planned for the weekend. It all started when I heard that my friend Chelsea’s (the one who grew the amazing giant Russian sunflowers!) massive fig tree was blossoming with ripe fruit. So I headed over there and within 10 minutes in the dark on a wobbly ladder I managed to pick about a bucket load of seriously delicious figs. I took home a bag full which I enjoyed for the next few days on my morning muesli, for morning tea and with ice cream after dinner. Every time I devoured another fig I was thinking about all the figs up in the tree that were being left to the birds. The possibilities of endless figs consumed me and I devised a plan to pick as many figs as possible and set up a roadside stall with honesty box selling the figs with all proceeds going to a glorious afternoon of drinking beer in the sunshine.

We didn’t quite achieve the fig empire I’d dreamt but my friends and I did pick another bucket load of beautiful ripe figs this afternoon and I’ve just devoured a delicious fig-filled dinner similar to this one.

So I just thought that I would share my fig obsession here since it has been quite consuming this last week! It’s been a while since enjoying the simple things in life like this has been possible so I am savouring it all.

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