Surprise a friend with a sustainable Gift of Seeds subscription

Surprise a friend with a sustainable Gift of Seeds subscription

There’s an air of excitement in receiving an unexpected package in your letterbox. The allure of subscription boxes or gifts provide this regular surprise, but often they’re filled with a random selection of products you don’t want or need and are likely to end up in the back of your cupboard, or worse, in landfill.  The environmental impact of most subscription boxes is commonly overlooked, but you don’t have to sacrifice the joy of receiving regular surprises in your letterbox, you just have to find a more sustainable option.

Sow ‘n Sow Gift of Seeds Subscription

Unlike other subscription gifts containing heavily packaged plastic products, a Sow ‘n Sow Gift of Seeds subscription is plastic free and biodegradable. Every month for one year the recipient will receive one Gift of Seeds – a cleverly designed greeting card with a packet of seeds to form a gift that grows.  Each pack is beautifully illustrated by Melbourne artist Daniella Germain and includes a packet of seeds suitable for Australia’s seasons and sowing times, a tearaway biodegradable plant label, sowing instructions, and an envelope for mailing or gifting purposes.

Over a year the recipient will receive a combination of easy to grow flowers, herbs and vegetables. All seeds are non-hybrid, open pollinated, non GMO varieties sourced from reputable suppliers both within Australia and abroad, and can be grown in the garden or in pots on a balcony or windowsill.

Seeds varieties sent each month:

January – Culinary Flowers

February – Secret Garden (Marigold, Sunflower & Zinnia)

March – Sweet Pea

April – Leafy Greens

May – Forget-me-not

June – Swan River Daisy

July – Poppy

August – Echinacea

September – Chamomile

October – Trio of Herbs (parsley, coriander and basil)

November – Sunflower

December – Australian Christmas Everlasting Daisy

The results of growing flowers not only gives the recipient a bunch of blooms to enjoy but also gives back to the planet.  Flowers play a vital role in cleaning up parts of our world. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, provide nectar and habitats for bees and insects, and some varieties help to cleanse the soil and water of contaminants. For example, studies have discovered that sunflowers are able to absorb radioactive materials and other pollutants from the soil without much harm to the plant. Gardening also has many therapeutic benefits. It can help to alleviate the symptoms of conditions such as depression and anxiety as well as improve physical health and mobility.

Whether you want to surprise a loved one or give back to yourself, subscribing to a planet-friendly Sow ‘n Sow Gift of Seeds Subscription is a gift that will keep giving. Shop subscriptions here.

New State New Studio

Sow ‘n Sow is now officially a Brisbane based business!

Family and warm weather has lured me, my family and the business back home after 10 years abroad and interstate.

It was a difficult decision to make, especially leaving our amazing studio at The Mill in Castlemaine and our wonderful team there. But it felt like the right thing to do and the right time to do it.

We are now all set up and operating as normal from our new studio in Graceville in the South West of Brisbane. It is a temporary location while we figure out where in this amazing green part of the world we decide to put down more permanent roots.

After a busy Mother’s Day period we’ve now got our heads down, planning & working with Dany on our new designs. We will be exhibiting at Life Instyle in August so everything we’re doing at the moment is in preparation for the show and all the new goodies we will be launching there.

Oh and I’m excited to announce that in a few weeks we’ll have 2 beautiful new Gift of Seeds designs for weddings! They are customisable wedding seed favours with the seed type able to be chosen and the design able to be personalised. I can’t wait to see them once printed and to share them with the world. They’ve been a long time coming!

Below are some pics of my recent seed germination tests. The beauty of the weather here in Queensland is that the soil is warm year round so perfect for germinating seed. And finally, a shot of our new studio, all set up as if we never moved.

IMG_1989 IMG_1995 IMG_1997 IMG_2007

A little Gift of Seeds brings a lot of joy!

It is sooo lovely when we receive positive feedback about our our Gifts of Seeds such as stockist enquiries from lovely shops, but the most exciting of all is when people send us photos of their garden joy! Here are a few recent garden progress reports. We love love receiving photos, send us pics of your garden!

Sow ‘n Sow sunflower seedlings in Ann-Marie’s London courtyard

Poppy seedlings at Chelsea’s mum’s place on the Gold Coast. Chelsea gave her mum the autumn/ winter collection for Mothers day and she’s been getting almost daily updates on their progress ever since!

The lovely Charis loved the packets so much she framed them! That is so sweet, thanks Charis!