Sow ‘n Sow in Country Style Magazine

I never thought I’d see myself in a stylish magazine but when one of the feature writers, Samantha van Egmond approached me to do a piece for Country Style Magazine I couldn’t turn down the opportunity.

The photographer Marnie Hawson came to our place in terribly bright & challenging conditions and requested the linens. Bonnie had a tantrum and had to be bribed into the most neutral clothes we had as I hadn’t prepared linens and the fluro pink barbie shirt she wanted to wear was clearly not going to work!

The shade of our avocado and lychee trees were the only place the light was workable on a stinking hot day in October 2018. We’d made the studio all pretty for the occasion which in hindsight was probably a mistake, as Marnie taught me that the best pics are natural, un-staged snaps.

I was shocked when Nick agreed to don a linen shirt and walk with me under our pecan trees for the shoot. Apparently he didn’t think he had a choice!

Seeing the story now makes me feel quite giddy and relieved as it’s beautifully written and sums us and the Sow ‘n Sow story up perfectly. Thank you ever so much Country Style Magazine, Samantha van Egmond and Marnie Hawson for inviting us into your beautiful pages.

Here are some of the photographs which adorned the magazine’s pages. It is lovely to hear from customers who discovered us via these pages, for that I’m so very grateful 🙂

Credits: Marnie Hawson / Country Style / Bauer Media Pty Limited /

How to Make a Pressed Flower Frame

If you’re wondering what to do with all of your gorgeous, delicate pressed Flowers, here’s an idea. Arrange them in a picture frame so you can admire them every day.  We made a little video to show you how easy it is. 

 To create this you will need pressed flowers! Check out our ‘How to Press Flowers‘ blog post  for a demonstration. Our Sow ‘n Sow Flower Presses are available for purchase here.

Happy crafting!

1.  Source an old frame – see what you have at home or have a look at op shops/$2 dollar stores to see what you can find.
The frame we used is from Kmart.

2. Pull the frame apart and clean the glass

3. Arrange the flowers and foliage however you like. If necessary, you can use a small bit of kraft glue to keep them in place

4. Put your frame back together

Flower Press

GPO Melbourne Makers Feature

The lovely Lucy Amon from Melbourne’s GPO came to the Sow ‘n Sow studio on a Saturday morning to take some pics and interview me for the Melbourne Makers series.

I was a bit hung over having spent the previous night out on the town (the first since having Bonnie!) so I was a little rough around the edges. Hopefully you can’t tell and hoping Lucy didn’t notice either 😉

We had a lovely chat and Lucy took some gorgeous pics of the studio. If only the studio was always this tidy!

GPO_MichelleBrady_4_1GPO_MichelleBrady_2_1 GPO_MichelleBrady_5_1 GPO_MichelleBrady_6_1 GPO_MichelleBrady_7_1 GPO_MichelleBrady_9_1 GPO_MichelleBrady_13_1 GPO_SownSow

Plant Label Spoons


Our Plant Labels made from repurposed hand-stamped spoons were featured in the February issue of House & Garden magazine! It caught us a little off-guard as we were out of stock after Christmas and the magazine was released before we had returned from holidays, but we’ve managed a quick re-stock and they are now available to purchase individually and in sets of three via our webshop.

Thanks to Paper Runway for running a Sow ‘n Sow giveaway via their blog! Anyone can enter the giveaway so check it out and leave a comment to be in the draw.

We were also featured in the Home Style File Christmas gift guide and in an organic gardening article on Superethique – a new site run by Ming-Zhu (of Orlando & Ivy and the Public Studio) and writer/ researcher Cassie Harris, all about ethical, eco and sustainable products, services and establishments which is fabulous!

And did anyone see our little spot on the Blue Caravan advert in Peppermint Magazine? We are in the summer issue on page 6.

We thought January would be quiet but that’s certainly not the case so far which is wonderful. We have an exciting year ahead with some big things in the pipeline starting with Life Instyle in Sydney in February.

We love hearing from everyone out there so please email us if you come across any interesting gardening, art or design events/ links etc. And if you’re a twitterer, instagramer (@sownsow) or facebooker then we’d love to connect with you!

Forget-me-not in Culture Mag

The stylish staff at culture mag couldn’t resist our Forget-me-not Gifts of Seeds for their Eco Chic spread in the October/ November issue. I rarely indulge in purchasing magazines but all the press we’ve been getting has given me a fantastic excuse to discover everything I’ve been missing!

The article reads “With the festive season just around the corner what better time to start spreading the joy while making the world a greener and more beautiful place? Sow ‘n Sow has created gift cards containing a packet of organic seeds, bestowing a sweet and thoughtful gift that keeps on giving (and by giving we mean growing)”. And so on…

Thanks sow much Phoebe Parson’s for your lovely words!

The Outdoor Room

Our Gifts of Seeds are on page 30 of the latest ‘The Outdoor Room’ magazine! I have to say, this is a really beautiful mag – it’s full of gorgeous photography, styling and dreamy gardens. Very refreshing in the world of gardening magazines. Check out page 30!!