Introducing Pop Up Pots!

A designer, portable plant pot that pops!

Pop Up Pots are something that I have had in mind for many years. It started as an idea to find a way to easily post a pot. One reason our Gifts of Seeds have done well is that they’re a gift that is so easy to post as a letter. I always wondered how I could create a pot that is also able to be posted as a letter to compliment the Gifts of Seeds. I trialled a laser cut flat packed pot at one time but found that it went horribly mouldy when planted with soil, so that idea was binned. Years later I came across an environmentally friendly, flexible material that had me thinking. Surely with a bit of origami and paper science I could create a pot that folds flat but still looks great?

About a million hours of cutting, folding and research followed and eventually a form came together. Then I parked the idea again. With a 6 month old baby on my hips, a 4 year old and a busy little business, the timing just didn’t feel right.

One year later, Daniella our wonderful designer was visiting us in Maleny and she asked me about it, having heard me talk about it before.  She said, ‘I think you should just go for it, I think it is a good idea’. Which was the little push I needed to set about making it happen again.

Dany and I did some brainstorming on the designs that could go on the pot and I set about finalising the shape. Then Dany started doing the watercolour artworks and a little while later we had Pop Up Pots in production!

Designing the packaging was next so I spent what felt like another million hours playing around with cardboard and scissors and researching packaging until I had something I felt would justify the product. Daniella helped with the illustration, layout and hand written fonts as usual, and after many late nights and hours of me trying my hardest to be a graphic designer, I got the design done and off to the printers.

We launched Pop Up Pots at Life Instyle and it was received with a lot of interest and lots of orders taken which was a relief! It has been a while since we’ve launched something completely new to the market so I was quite nervous about it. We are very excited that it is now being shipped out to stockists around the country 🙂

Here is the Press Release we put together, which sums up the product quite nicely so I’m just going to leave this here 🙂

Pop Up Pot is a stylish foldable pot ready for planting. Available in two beautiful watercolour designs, this flat-pack planter assembles with a quick pop and a push.

Designed for direct planting or as a pot plant sleeve, this is an exciting addition to the plant lover’s wish list. Pop Up Pot is designed and made in Australia from 100% recycled and carbon neutral polypropylene.

Pop Up Pots feature landscape watercolours by Melbourne artist Daniella Germain. One artwork is inspired by the Glasshouse Mountains, iconic landmarks of Sow ’n Sow’s Maleny-based operations. The second design is inspired by the Victorian coastal landscape, home of the artist. 

Sow ‘n Sow’s foundations are firmly rooted in eco friendly, waste-free gifts for garden and plant lovers. The brand’s founder and Creative Director, Michelle Brady says her own burgeoning indoor plant collection was lacking affordable pots to house them. 

“I love my indoor plants but I was finding it hard to find stylish and affordable pots to house them in. When I discovered the recycled polypropylene sheet I spent many hours playing with origami to create a pot that folds flat as well as being a design element in my home”. 

With online shopping growing year on year, Sow ’n Sow also saw the opportunity to create a product which is simple and cost effective to ship. Pop Up Pots can be inserted into an C5 envelope and posted anywhere in the world for the cost of a letter. 

Pop Up Pots will be available from early August online and in boutique gift shops, florists and eco retailers Australia wide with an RRP of $16. Not only are these flat-pack pots a stylish and affordable gift or addition to any home, they are perfect for under $20 Christmas gifts. 


Innovative: A folded pot that assembles instantly. Plant directly or use as a pot sleeve

Ethical: 100% designed and made in Australia

Eco: Made from 100% recycled, waste material

Original: Features original watercolour artworks by artist Daniella Germain

Affordable: $16 per piece, posts in a C5 envelope as a letter

Very cool terrariums…

These terrariums are ‘oh so cool’, I feel like taking a soldering workshop! Made by ‘Score + Solder’ on Pender Island, Canada, they are available to purchase online with worldwide shipping.

I attempted terrarium making for a while and I have a few around my house which aren’t really looking very cool. Though I haven’t mastered getting the planting and layout right, I do think having an amazing ‘vessel’ makes a big difference and this is where my terrarium adventures came to a halt. I even visited a glass blower and had a piece hand blown especially for a terrarium, but it ended up yellowish and just not quite right and was much too expensive to make it a viable option! So now I just drool over other people’s awesome terrarium creations and vessels, including Miniscapes who lease amazing terrariums in Melbourne.




The Garden of St Erth

On a lovely, cool late summer’s day my parents, partner and I visited the historic Diggers Club Garden of St Erth in Blackwood, Victoria. These gardens had been on my to-do list for years and as a Diggers Club member I’d heard a lot about it. It was also St Erth’s Autumn Festival so we enjoyed a guided tour of the gardens and a free worm farming workshop after a very picturesque picnic in the gardens!



Angus & Celeste

I discovered Angus & Celeste at Life Instyle and was gob smacked by their gorgeous vases and hanging planters. I’m not usually into porcelain objects or vases, but these really caught my attention. They are artistic and timeless with unique botanical illustrations that have a distinctly Australian feel. I also love the choice of plants they use for styling, such as the string of pearls hanging from the planters! The duo behind the products is Keir and Asha, a Melbourne couple who met while studying Fine Arts at RMIT. They have free shipping through their online shop if anyone wants to buy me some lovelies for christmas!



Sow ‘n Sow at Regional Flavours

We had a wonderful weekend at Regional Flavours. After months of work designing and installing the pallet gardens and hanging installations, we were able to see and hear the public admiring our creations. The response was incredibly overwhelming… just about everyone who walked past the pallet gardens stopped to have a look and the comments were heard were very gratifying. People were theorising how they were made and we were asked many questions which we gladly answered. We now have a long list of names from people who were interested in getting their hands on their own pallet gardens!

Aside from the great feedback and interest we had in the pallet gardens and hanging installations, we also sold our wares at our market stall. We pulled together a beautiful collection of flowers, fresh herb bouquets and plants to compliment our range of Gifts of Seeds. We also had a stand to promote our custom Gifts of Seeds and had lots of interest for many different applications! Below are some photos from the weekend including a few of our pallet gardens.




Many thanks to everyone who helped us on the weekend, to South Bank for the wonderful opportunity and to all the lovely people who took an interest in Sow ‘n Sow.

Regional Flavours Creative Theming

For the past few months team Sow ‘n Sow has been busy designing and delivering creative theming elements for South Bank’s signature food and sustainability event, Regional Flavours, which celebrates all things regional.

Our brief was to design and implement several eye catching installations which would enhance the experience of visitors to South Bank and the event, while focusing on sustainability.

Together our team comprising Michelle and Madeleine Brady, designed colourful edible garden beds using recycled wooden pallets as the main material which made the structures modular, easily moveable and environmentally friendly.

To compliment the wooden edible gardens, we designed colourful hanging gardens comprising edible planters made out of hessian which hang throughout South Bank’s beautiful bougainvillaea covered Arbour.

Here are some pics of the early stages of constructing the edible gardens. We will feature the stages of the project in posts to come. Keep checking back!

Maddie and the South Bank Maintenance team constructing the garden beds after the wooden pallets were delivered

Pockets were made into the stacks of pallets which held the soil in place. Nearly 20 m3 of soil was used to fill the 26 pallet stacks. Around 140 pallets were used!

Starting with the sides, the herb and vegetable seedlings were planted.

That’s me working in the glorious Brisbane sunshine.

A little Gift of Seeds brings a lot of joy!

It is sooo lovely when we receive positive feedback about our our Gifts of Seeds such as stockist enquiries from lovely shops, but the most exciting of all is when people send us photos of their garden joy! Here are a few recent garden progress reports. We love love receiving photos, send us pics of your garden!

Sow ‘n Sow sunflower seedlings in Ann-Marie’s London courtyard

Poppy seedlings at Chelsea’s mum’s place on the Gold Coast. Chelsea gave her mum the autumn/ winter collection for Mothers day and she’s been getting almost daily updates on their progress ever since!

The lovely Charis loved the packets so much she framed them! That is so sweet, thanks Charis!