Weekend dining

Restaurant pretties – lavender creates a delightful wall piece in the bathrooms and old olive oil tins serve as clever plant pots in the courtyard – both at Helenic Republic, East Brunswick, taken last weekend. 

Seed packets are coming!

It’s time to start introducing Sow ‘n Sow the business! The designer seed packets are well and truly on the way now – just in time for spring. There are a few minor design tweaks to make, and a couple of quotes to be sought before we go to print but the packets look gorgeous. Needless to say…I’m really excited!  Here’s some pictures of today’s meeting with the wonderful, generous, fabulous designers which make up The Mangrove Studio – Rochelle and Jodi (with their apprentice baby Flynn).  There’s me at the bottom pretending to look hard at work. Thanks for posing for me ladies!

A day at the Flower Show

Where can I get these bottles?

So many succulents in one place

My living room is starting to resemble this one… especially since I got home from the flower show.This floral display was a bit left of centre, not as pretty as others but so much more interesting. Now to find out more about Ceclia Fox.