A new Gift of Seeds for Mother’s Day

Introducing Snapdragons!

A classic cottage garden annual with bright colourful blooms which are great as a cut flower.  We picked snapdragons because they’re easy to grow and are exactly the kind of flower we would like to give to our Mothers on Mother’s Day.

Usually our packets have a brightly coloured top band with a colourful illustration on the kraft background. We decided to switch things around for this design, instead having a plain kraft top band and the illustration sitting on colour below. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, all thanks to Daniella Germain our amazing illustrator & designer as usual.

A gorgeous, eco-friendly gift that grows featuring stunning illustrative artwork that mums of all ages will love.

New State New Studio

Sow ‘n Sow is now officially a Brisbane based business!

Family and warm weather has lured me, my family and the business back home after 10 years abroad and interstate.

It was a difficult decision to make, especially leaving our amazing studio at The Mill in Castlemaine and our wonderful team there. But it felt like the right thing to do and the right time to do it.

We are now all set up and operating as normal from our new studio in Graceville in the South West of Brisbane. It is a temporary location while we figure out where in this amazing green part of the world we decide to put down more permanent roots.

After a busy Mother’s Day period we’ve now got our heads down, planning & working with Dany on our new designs. We will be exhibiting at Life Instyle in August so everything we’re doing at the moment is in preparation for the show and all the new goodies we will be launching there.

Oh and I’m excited to announce that in a few weeks we’ll have 2 beautiful new Gift of Seeds designs for weddings! They are customisable wedding seed favours with the seed type able to be chosen and the design able to be personalised. I can’t wait to see them once printed and to share them with the world. They’ve been a long time coming!

Below are some pics of my recent seed germination tests. The beauty of the weather here in Queensland is that the soil is warm year round so perfect for germinating seed. And finally, a shot of our new studio, all set up as if we never moved.

IMG_1989 IMG_1995 IMG_1997 IMG_2007

We’re moving


Since I moved to Castlemaine last year I have been commuting to Melbourne to the Sow ‘n Sow studio in Fitzroy North. But a fabulous space in an old wool mill in town has become available so we’re getting ready to move our operations to Castlemaine in the middle of August.  We will be leaving behind a great space that we have shared with wonderful, talented and inspiring creatives including Lauren McIvorBilly Justice Thompson, Spencer Harrison, Kitiya Palaskas and Joe Whyte. But the hardest part will be having to say goodbye to our loyal employee August Carpenter. August has been working for Sow ‘n Sow for nearly 2 years and she’s been so incredibly accommodating, reliable and all round wonderful, I couldn’t have asked for a better team member and life without her a part of the team won’t be the same.

August has done most of the order fulfillment and product assembly for Sow ‘n Sow since baby Bonnie arrived last March. She is an extremely talented artist and has a bunch of exciting projects on the go so I have no doubt that she’ll become a household name in art circles at the least soon. And hopefully she’ll make a few guest appearances to the new studio in Castlemaine too. 

Creative Theming for Big Day Out Melbourne

Last week was an odd one, we threw ourselves into a last minute creative theming job for Big Day Out’s Wine Bar. Check out our “nest” and pallet creations which came together in 36 degree heat. Thanks so much to Imm, Caja, Mike & Bish for all your help, you’re the best, couldn’t have done it without you!

Custom Gifts of Seeds for the City of Sydney



We’re really proud of these custom designed Gifts of Seeds for a few reasons. Firstly because they are part of a fabulous program which celebrates sustainable living and ‘growing your own’, and secondly because we had the opportunity to work with The City of Sydney!

We were delighted to hear that the council’s Sustainability Marketing team thought our Gifts of Seeds were great, and that they’d love to have a custom design for the Green Villages Brand. Green Villages is all about inspiring individuals to live more sustainably. They hold workshops on creating balcony gardens and growing food in small spaces, and they have just launched a website all about educating the community on how to live green!

We aren’t exactly sure where or when the packets will be handed out at this stage, but there are two kinds, organic basil and organic coriander to look out for. They are quite distinctive in their 100% recycled packaging, so if anyone sees them around, please let us know!

Fabulous Figs

I may be just a little bit obsessed with figs at the moment.  Ask any of my friends and they will all have heard of the fig enterprise I had planned for the weekend. It all started when I heard that my friend Chelsea’s (the one who grew the amazing giant Russian sunflowers!) massive fig tree was blossoming with ripe fruit. So I headed over there and within 10 minutes in the dark on a wobbly ladder I managed to pick about a bucket load of seriously delicious figs. I took home a bag full which I enjoyed for the next few days on my morning muesli, for morning tea and with ice cream after dinner. Every time I devoured another fig I was thinking about all the figs up in the tree that were being left to the birds. The possibilities of endless figs consumed me and I devised a plan to pick as many figs as possible and set up a roadside stall with honesty box selling the figs with all proceeds going to a glorious afternoon of drinking beer in the sunshine.

We didn’t quite achieve the fig empire I’d dreamt but my friends and I did pick another bucket load of beautiful ripe figs this afternoon and I’ve just devoured a delicious fig-filled dinner similar to this one.

So I just thought that I would share my fig obsession here since it has been quite consuming this last week! It’s been a while since enjoying the simple things in life like this has been possible so I am savouring it all.

The Garden of St Erth

On a lovely, cool late summer’s day my parents, partner and I visited the historic Diggers Club Garden of St Erth in Blackwood, Victoria. These gardens had been on my to-do list for years and as a Diggers Club member I’d heard a lot about it. It was also St Erth’s Autumn Festival so we enjoyed a guided tour of the gardens and a free worm farming workshop after a very picturesque picnic in the gardens!



The Tree House Connection

My partner and I took a road trip to Sydney (from Melbourne) via the NSW south coast a few weeks ago which took us right past two of our regional NSW stockists. I was excited to visit The Tree House Connection in Ulladulla as I’d met the owners Emily and Rosie at Life Instyle and they had given my sister and I a detailed description of the shop they were just about to open. I recalled them mentioning live music, community mindedness, eco goodness, a cafe and of course beautiful products! We pulled up outside and as if on cue, a band was making beautiful music on the front verandah. People were sitting in the shade of a lovely big tree out the front and the cafe was buzzing on the inside. We got ourselves a coffee and sat down to listen to the The Kabinets – the very cool, delicate sounding band making the beautiful sounds on the deck!

It was a quick stop off but we left with a CD, overdue caffeine hit, some lovely photos and a smile. The Tree House Connection is a real gem! Then we continued north to Nowra in the hope of popping into Shady Fig, another stockist, gorgeous florist and gift shop, however unfortunately we were too late and it was closed. We did peek through the windows and the styling inside was stunning, shame we missed it!


Nanna’s on Instagram

We’ve just jumped in and joined Instagram and I have to say I’m a little bit addicted! Now I have a great excuse to take photos of pretty flower pots, woollen tea cosies and kittens while I’m out and about. Instagram is a free iphone app that allows you to filter images into cool styles. If you’re already using it then follow us @sownsow and we’d love to follow you right back. (and I promise to stop channelling my inner-nanna soon)