Professional shots from Regional Flavours

We just received these professional photos from South Bank in Brisbane, taken during Regional Flavours last year. That’s me (Michelle) at the top in our stall during the event, then Maddie, then a closeup shot of one of our pallet garden beds, and the Junior Masterchef contestants sitting beside a pallet garden. They are such lovely shots, I couldn’t resist posting them straight to the blog!

Stunning new photos!

I have just had the very difficult task of going through hundreds of beautiful stylised product photos and trying to choose just a few to feature on our website. No easy job! How is one to choose when there are so many stunning images? The wonderful photographer is Emily Jade Barr, a very creative friend of mine who spent probably 10 hours with me setting these pictures up and snapping away. All the seedlings were home-grown with our organic seeds of course and all of the beautiful props come from Emily’s extensive collection of awesome trinkets. If you check out the rest of the Sow ‘n Sow website you will see more of the beautiful photographs. The ones here are a selection of the un-used photos and they haven’t been edited at all. Thanks so much Emily, you’re amazing!

Beautiful Vegetables by Rus Anson

These dreamy photos are the work of the incredible fashion and commercial art photographer Rus Anson. Born in Barcelona, Rus (short for Rosanna) studied art in San Francisco. Her photographs are often inspired by imagination and daydreams. Those vegetables look so beautiful! Please Rus, won’t you photograph my products?! I offer seed, lots of pretty seeds! Thank you Rus for your lovely email giving me permission to share these stunning images on my blog. I’m so inspired I feel like frolicking in the forest with my camera and some vegetables.

Grow – Karin Nussbaumer Photography

Karin Nussbaumer’s photography is about creating stories. “My imagination takes me to places that are not easy to find in real life so I create them”.
His work is often a collaboration with Frank Visser from studio IJM – the creative collective based in the Netherlands where I found Fedor’s String Gardens.
The dreamy photographs below depict children playing in a garden cubby house and amongst colourful pots hanging from the ceiling.
“I hope that the joy of working in these fantasy settings is also inspiring for others”.
Indeed they have! All Photographs below are from Karin’s website where you’ll find many more beautiful shots Thanks Karin!

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