Grow – Karin Nussbaumer Photography

Karin Nussbaumer’s photography is about creating stories. “My imagination takes me to places that are not easy to find in real life so I create them”.
His work is often a collaboration with Frank Visser from studio IJM – the creative collective based in the Netherlands where I found Fedor’s String Gardens.
The dreamy photographs below depict children playing in a garden cubby house and amongst colourful pots hanging from the ceiling.
“I hope that the joy of working in these fantasy settings is also inspiring for others”.
Indeed they have! All Photographs below are from Karin’s website where you’ll find many more beautiful shots Thanks Karin!

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String Gardens

String Gardens by Fedor van der Valk started two years ago as an IJM project (a creative collective based in Amsterdam). The beautiful objects below are a variation of Kokedama – a Japanese art where plants are covered with moss and placed in a bowl.

The objective of Fedor’s String Gardens is to bring plants to eye level. It’s also about plants finding their balance – as they grow, they get heavier causing the centrepoint to constantly change which means the plants grow in interesting ways almost as if they are floating in mid air.

The plants are watered in different ways – some plants have reservoirs built in where an artificial root made from different kinds of moss transport the water to the ball. Others are woven into horizontal nets which are covered with moss, clover and grass and a dripping system keeps the net wet. Most plants also need to be soaked in water every three days or so.

All the photos are from the String Gardens website. Thanks to Fedor for the information!