Learn how to make a pressed edible flower cake

If you own a flower press, you may use it for creating all kinds of beautiful items from adorning homemade cards to decorating your home, but have you ever thought to add your pressed creations to a cake?

This Mother’s Day, spoil mum or someone special in your life with a homemade pressed edible flower cake. It’s a delicious work of art they will truly enjoy!

Type of flowers to use

When adorning a cake with flowers, be sure to only use organically grown edible flowers. There are many edible flower varieties you can try, be we recommend Nasturtiums, Violas, and Cornflowers as they press well and retain their colour.

Pressing flowers takes a few weeks, so plan the cake decoration in advance.  For best results when pressing flowers, use a flower press and avoid flowers with big thick cores such as roses as these won’t flatten well. You can cut thicker flowers up into sections, or even just press the petals on their own. Learn more about pressing flowers here.

Press a combination of petals, flower heads and flowers with their stem attached. Using a variety of pressed flowers and foliage will create an aesthetically beautiful cake.

Type of cake to bake

There is no rule as to the type of cake you should make, in fact, any type of cake looks beautiful when decorated with flowers, however before baking your cake, consider the height and shape of the cake. If you can make a tall or tiered cake you will be able to decorate the sides as well as the top of the cake whereas a short cake will only give you the top surface to decorate.

Image by Blushing Cook

Type of icing to make

Only add pressed flowers to your cake before you’re ready to serve it. As pressed flowers are dried out, any moisture they absorb will make them soft again.

If you only want to add pressed flowers to the top of your cake then any icing will be fine to use, however if you want to decorate the sides of your cake then it’s best to use buttercream icing as it’s soft enough to hold the pressed flowers in place.

When adding pressed flowers to your cake, if some flowers aren’t holding well, gently press a wooden toothpick into a section of the flower and then push the toothpick into the cake.

Image credit: Blushing Cook. View more creations here.

Our Giant Flower Press in action with Heart of Blooms

The lovely Andrea Lind from @heartofblooms_ on instagram has been documenting her Flower Pressing journey using our Giant Flower Press.

We can hardly believe how beautiful these photos are, or how she achieved such fantastic colour retention in her pressed flowers. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I think these are just perfect, and really appreciate Andrea sharing her journey with us.

Andrea and I were messaging each other after she posted these, and we discussed the lines which have come up on some of the blooms. This certainly does happen with delicate petals but if you’d like to avoid them, be sure to use some paper between the sheets of cardboard, and try not to tighten the press too much – a firm hold does the trick, with a check and possibly a little more after a week or so 💗🙏

How to Make a Pressed Flower Frame

If you’re wondering what to do with all of your gorgeous, delicate pressed Flowers, here’s an idea. Arrange them in a picture frame so you can admire them every day.  We made a little video to show you how easy it is. 

 To create this you will need pressed flowers! Check out our ‘How to Press Flowers‘ blog post  for a demonstration. Our Sow ‘n Sow Flower Presses are available for purchase here.

Happy crafting!

1.  Source an old frame – see what you have at home or have a look at op shops/$2 dollar stores to see what you can find.
The frame we used is from Kmart.

2. Pull the frame apart and clean the glass

3. Arrange the flowers and foliage however you like. If necessary, you can use a small bit of kraft glue to keep them in place

4. Put your frame back together

Flower Press