Le Petit Pois

I just stumbled across these amazing La Fille du Consul jewellery pieces. They are created by the lovely Parisien Delphine Roche de Montgrand.  “I make small “sculptures to wear”, “3D trompe l’oeil”. My work plays with the spectator’s sight who wonder if it is old or current, real or false, if it is eaten or not, or if it could melt…” that quote was taken from an interview found here.  Be sure to check out her other gorgeous pieces here.

2010 inspirations

This year I’ve spent a lot of time collecting pictures which inspire me in the development of products for Sow ‘n Sow. With the new year fast approaching us and hopefully many more inspirations yet to come, I thought it might be nice to share a snippet of the pictures i’ve been hoarding on my computer. If you click on the images, most are linked to the source where you’ll get more info.

Wall decals by Blik

These guys have taken a simple idea and made it work really well. Blik create removable wall graphics. They are unique, affordable and you simply stick them to the wall and peel them off when you’ve had enough.They have an extensive collection of designs to choose from, and you can DIY if custom is your thing. The business has a strong sense of identity and a focus on creativity and innovation which I find very inspirational. The wall decals I’ve picked are all related to nature – a very cool way to bring outdoors inspiration indoors!

String Gardens

String Gardens by Fedor van der Valk started two years ago as an IJM project (a creative collective based in Amsterdam). The beautiful objects below are a variation of Kokedama – a Japanese art where plants are covered with moss and placed in a bowl.

The objective of Fedor’s String Gardens is to bring plants to eye level. It’s also about plants finding their balance – as they grow, they get heavier causing the centrepoint to constantly change which means the plants grow in interesting ways almost as if they are floating in mid air.

The plants are watered in different ways – some plants have reservoirs built in where an artificial root made from different kinds of moss transport the water to the ball. Others are woven into horizontal nets which are covered with moss, clover and grass and a dripping system keeps the net wet. Most plants also need to be soaked in water every three days or so.

All the photos are from the String Gardens website. Thanks to Fedor for the information! www.stringgardens.com