Moss Graffiti by Anna Garforth

Anna Garthforth is an installation artist known for her incredible typographic moss installations. Her ‘Grow’ moss typography is a pinterest/ blogging world favourite – I’m sure many have seen that one before (pictured below). I contacted Anna to ask her permission to post photos from her website and she kindly sent me these photos of a more recent moss installation. Part of the London Festival of Architecture, the ‘King’s Cross Picnic’  was created for people to enjoy at a neglected space in King’s Cross. The moss creation was installed on a railway wall and provided a backdrop to the picnic. Images of the picnic in full swing can be seen here! I have included a few pics of Anna’s other great works below, but more can be found on her website here. She also has a cool blog!

Mini Rooftop Garden by Bengamin

Here’s a cool little rooftop garden created by Melbourne designer Ben Osborn-Macpherson. Ben always wanted a rooftop garden but only has a 1x3m balcony, so he made this mini version out of one of his stencils. It looks great doesn’t it! Mainly I think because the stencil is really good, so you have a great piece of artwork combined with some growing, a winning formula if you ask me! Ben, could we sell these in our webshop please? Lets talk! More of Ben’s stencils are featured below – I assume they’re all old Melbourne buildings Ben?

Custom Gifts of Seeds for the City of Sydney



We’re really proud of these custom designed Gifts of Seeds for a few reasons. Firstly because they are part of a fabulous program which celebrates sustainable living and ‘growing your own’, and secondly because we had the opportunity to work with The City of Sydney!

We were delighted to hear that the council’s Sustainability Marketing team thought our Gifts of Seeds were great, and that they’d love to have a custom design for the Green Villages Brand. Green Villages is all about inspiring individuals to live more sustainably. They hold workshops on creating balcony gardens and growing food in small spaces, and they have just launched a website all about educating the community on how to live green!

We aren’t exactly sure where or when the packets will be handed out at this stage, but there are two kinds, organic basil and organic coriander to look out for. They are quite distinctive in their 100% recycled packaging, so if anyone sees them around, please let us know!

Blog – Flyerverteiler

My sister Maddie has a very nice blog going on and it is updated daily with design inspiration from around the world. Although Maddie, like me, was born and raised in Australia with no German heritage to speak of, unlike me, she thinks she is part German. She’s been living in Germany for the past 5 years while studying fine art at the Academy of Art and Design in Offenbach, thus the German headings!

Not surprisingly I totally love these planters, and all the other cool stylings on the blog. Her website is also super impressive!

Mothers day at Blue Illusion with Gifts of Seeds

We were delighted to custom design a range of Gifts of Seeds for Blue Illusion, the Australian owned chain of women’s fashion boutiques. Produced especially for Mothers day, the Blue Illusion selection features Basil, Poppy and Sunflower with French poems and Blue Illusion styling. Available now in Blue Illusion stores Australia-wide, they make a gorgeous stand-alone gift for Mum, or the perfect gift accompaniment when used as a gift card.

And if you pop into a Blue Illusion boutique on Thursday the 10th of May, 10% of all sales go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation as part of Blue Illusion’s Mothers day celebrations. So take your mums, grandmothers, aunties, daughters and friends along to your nearest Blue Illusion boutique and pick up some Gifts of Seeds along with many other lovely goodies! And I hear that from 12 – 3pm there will be bubbly and macaroons, who needs a better reason to get out of the office/ house/ garden?

Very cool terrariums…

These terrariums are ‘oh so cool’, I feel like taking a soldering workshop! Made by ‘Score + Solder’ on Pender Island, Canada, they are available to purchase online with worldwide shipping.

I attempted terrarium making for a while and I have a few around my house which aren’t really looking very cool. Though I haven’t mastered getting the planting and layout right, I do think having an amazing ‘vessel’ makes a big difference and this is where my terrarium adventures came to a halt. I even visited a glass blower and had a piece hand blown especially for a terrarium, but it ended up yellowish and just not quite right and was much too expensive to make it a viable option! So now I just drool over other people’s awesome terrarium creations and vessels, including Miniscapes who lease amazing terrariums in Melbourne.




Angus & Celeste

I discovered Angus & Celeste at Life Instyle and was gob smacked by their gorgeous vases and hanging planters. I’m not usually into porcelain objects or vases, but these really caught my attention. They are artistic and timeless with unique botanical illustrations that have a distinctly Australian feel. I also love the choice of plants they use for styling, such as the string of pearls hanging from the planters! The duo behind the products is Keir and Asha, a Melbourne couple who met while studying Fine Arts at RMIT. They have free shipping through their online shop if anyone wants to buy me some lovelies for christmas!