Australia Post Christmas shipping cut-off dates

Australia Post Christmas shipping cut-off dates

Christmas is just around the corner! While you might be busy making a list and checking it twice, one important aspect to remember when shopping for Christmas gifts online is the shipping cut-off dates.

To ensure you receive your order before Christmas day and avoid an uncomfortable conversation with a loved one about how their gift didn’t arrive in time, we recommend using the following dates to guide you on the expected arrival of your order. 

If you’re worried you won’t receive your order in time, we recommend choosing Express Post or finding a local stockist and purchasing directly from them. You can find a list of our stockists here. Otherwise, please contact us, and we can search our database to find stores closest to you. Find our contact details here.

Australia Post Christmas shipping cut-off dates

We ship orders with Australia Post who recommend all items are lodged by the following dates for delivery within Australia by Christmas:

Cards and letters (Regular Post)

Same state (QLD): Monday 19 December 2022 – Express post recommended after Friday 19th

Interstate: Thursday 15 December 2022 – Express post recommended after Wednesday 14th


Within Australia (except WA and NT)

Parcel Post: 12 pm Monday 12 December 2022

Express Post: 12 pm Monday 19 December 2022


WA and NT – parcels only

Parcel Post: 12 pm Wednesday 7 December 2022

Express Post: 12 pm Wednesday 14 December 2022


For international orders, delivery dates depend on the destination and postal service used, but please use Australia Post’s guidelines here.

Western Australia delivery delays

There are current long delivery delays between the East Coast of Australia and WA due to heavy rain and flooding closing the Sydney-to-Perth rail line. Australia Post estimates it may take up to an additional two weeks for letters and parcels sent via regular letter, priority letter or parcel post to be delivered. We recommend choosing express post for all orders sent to Western Australia.

You can read more about these delays here.


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