And sow it begins!

Sow ‘n Sow proudly fulfilled its first custom order last week, Golden Wattle seeds for Sustainable Built Environments (SBE) a consultancy specialising in green buildings. Having just re-branded, SBE were holding a birthday party/ brand launch celebration and invited me to produce 200 seed packets to give out at the event. Golden wattle seeds were the choice of seeds, chosen for their environmental attributes – wattle is a drought tolerant native small tree. By handing out wattle tree seeds, SBE are not only getting their brand out there into homes and offices, but also empowering their clients and associates to give back to the environment by planting a tree seed. The labels were designed specifically for the event with the words ‘From big things little things grow’ on the back. It was a great opportunity for me to test out my product in the real world and get some feedback from people receiving the gift from SBE.
I’m now desperately trying to get my website up and running and busy setting everything in place to properly launch my basil and sunflower seed packets, which will be ready hopefully very soon!

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