The ultimate 2022 Christmas Gift Guide

This year, share the magic of Christmas with our range of unique, sustainable, Australian-made gifts. Whether you’re shopping for presents for a teacher, friend, your kids or grandparents, our 2022 Christmas gift guide will help you find the most perfect gift for everyone on your list.

Our 2022 Christmas Gift Guide

Love the smell of gingerbread and pine trees? Us too! From the first hint of the Christmas season, we travel on a magical journey of hope and nostalgia. As we listen to festive songs we haven’t heard all year (cue Michael Bublé) and browse for gifts to surprise those near and dear to us, we’re reminded of delightful Christmas mornings spent with loved ones and the surprise gifts hidden under the tree that await to be opened. Without a doubt, Christmas is a devilish exciting time that seems to get better with each passing year. But if you want to make this Christmas the best it has ever been, shop our 2022 Christmas Gift Guide. You won’t regret being Nan’s favourite on Christmas day!

Share the magic of Christmas with grandparents

There is nothing more special as seeing Nan, Gran, or Pop’s face and heart light up with joy as they discover a gift they love on Christmas day. Surprising a grandparent with a unique gift they’ve never received before is one of the most magical Christmas experiences. Recreate this magic with unique gifts like a Yonda Pop Up Pot, Australian Native Seed Gift Set or a Gift of Seeds Subscription.

Shop: Australian Native Seed Gift Set | Merry Christmas Wildflowers Gift of Seeds | Yonda Pop Up Pot | Gift of Seeds Subscription

Share the magic of Christmas with little ones

There’s nothing more delightful than seeing children’s faces light up with joy as they unwrap a gift. Whether you’re it’s your own children, nieces, nephews or a friend’s kids, bring magic to their holidays with gifts they will enjoy long after Christmas day has passed. Flower Presses, Pop Up Pots and Gifts of Seeds are affordable, gender neutral and age-appropriate gifts they’re guaranteed to adore.

Shop: Mini Flower Press | Sunflower Gift of Seeds | Pot and Seed Set | Enchanted Garden Gift of Seeds | Community Garden Pop Up Pot

Share the magic of Christmas with a teacher

Spoil the teachers who have dedicated their time to teaching your kids and supporting them through another year of education. Brighten their desk with a Pop Up Pot or give them the joy of growing flowers or herbs at home with a Gift of Seeds. We have a range of affordable gift options for all teachers.

Shop: Pot and Seed Set | Merry Christmas Herbs Gift of Seeds | Flower Seed Gift Set | Bloom Pop Up Pot

Share the magic of Christmas with a friend

Give your friends warm fuzzy feelings of love and happiness by surprising them with unique Christmas gifts they’ve likely never seen before and ones that will continue to bring joy to their day long after Christmas has passed. Whether they love caring for indoor plants, growing flowers or pressing flora they’ve picked along their morning walk, below are a few gift ideas that will brighten their year.

Shop: Large Flower Press | Australian Christmas Gift of Seeds | Jackie Anderson Pop Up Pot Set of 3 | Gift of Seeds Subscription

How to make a fun 12-day seed Christmas advent calendar

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