10 Mother’s Day gift ideas for mums who love to garden

If your mum loves nothing more than pottering around the garden, skip the slippers, pyjamas, chocolates, and candles this Mother’s Day and surprise her with these 10 unique garden gift ideas.

10 Mother’s Day gift ideas for mums who love to garden

Gardening hand care products

Even if your mum wears gardening gloves, after a long day spent pruning, weeding, planting, and digging in the garden, your mum’s hands might need a bit of care. Botanical hand care products specifically designed to heal gardeners’ hands will help to nourish and protect your mum’s hands and keep them in great shape. We recommend botanical salves, balms, and nourishing hand creams.

Gathering basket 

If your mum grows flowers or fresh produce, make it easy for her to collect her homegrown goods with a beautiful gathering basket. Flat long baskets are great for gathering flowers and long leafy greens such as spinach and rhubarb, whereas deep baskets are best for collecting fruit and vegetables.10 Mother’s Day gift ideas for mums who love to garden

Mother’s Day Gift of Seeds

Flowers have always been a staple Mother’s Day gift, and while they’re sure to brighten your mum’s home, sadly, the joy they bring is short-lived. Instead of giving your mum fresh flowers this year, surprise her with a Mother’s Day Gift of Seeds. She’ll love planting her seeds and watching them grow and bloom long after Mother’s Day has passed. Shop Mother’s Day Gift of Seeds here.

Garden Tools

Whether a garden folk, hand trowel, cultivator or weeder, tools make any gardening job easier. If your mum hasn’t invested in a good quality set of garden tools, then surprise her with a set for Mother’s Day. We recommend Australian made tools that are designed to last a lifetime, that way she’ll never have to replace them.

10 Mother's Day gift ideas for mums who love to garden

Flower Press

If your mum loves growing flowers in her garden, help extend the joy they bring her by giving her the option to preserve them in a flower press. Pressing flowers is not only a wonderful way to give fresh flowers a second life but using them to make handmade cards or keepsakes is a special way she can share the joy of her homegrown blooms. Shop Flower Presses here.


If your mum loves nothing more than pottering in the garden, then she might like a broad-brimmed garden hat to protect her from the sun. We recommend a straw or cotton fabric hat as these light and breathable materials will keep your mum’s head cool in the warmer months.

Mother's Day gift subscriptionGift of Seeds Subscription

Even if you’ve left present shopping until the last minute, you can still surprise your garden-loving mum with a Gift of Seeds Subscription. She’ll enjoy receiving a Gift of Seeds delivered to her letterbox every month for 6 or 12 months. Each seed is selected according to the Australian seasons and suitable sowing times. Seed varieties include a range of easy to grow flowers, edibles and Australian natives. It’s the perfect gift that keeps on giving! Shop subscriptions here.

Gardening Books

If your mum sources garden inspiration by roaming around local botanical gardens or is constantly researching the best way to grow and care for plants, then she will love a gardening book for Mother’s Day. From large coffee table books filled with garden tours and stories to handy books packed with gardening advice, tips and tricks, your mum will love learning more about her favourite hobby and pastime.

Pop Up Pot

Have you ever wanted to surprise mum with a truly unique gift? A Pop Up Pot will do the trick! She will not only love the beautiful artwork that features on the Pop Up Pot but will equally adore transforming the flat-pack pot into a freestanding plant pot to hold her favourite plant. ​​​​​​​​Pop Up Pots can be used both inside and outside the home and are durable enough to withstand hot and cold temperatures. Shop Pop Up Pots here.

Gardening Gloves

A good pair of gardening gloves is the best way to protect your hands when gardening, but as they’re frequently used to complete rough tasks, they tend to wear out quickly. Keep your mum’s hand protected with a new pair of good quality gardening gloves.

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