10 fun activities to celebrate Father’s Day in your backyard

If you can’t leave the house this year due to Covid lockdowns, celebrate Father’s Day in your backyard with these 10 fun activities. There is sure to be an activity that will make dad’s day spent at home extra special.

Backyard picnic

Having a picnic in your backyard is a great way to slow down and unwind. There’s nothing like laying a picnic rug down on the grass in the sun, enjoying homemade picnic food, having quality conversations and watching the clouds float by in the sky.

Bird watching

If your dad loves nature, use Father’s Day to make a difference by being a citizen scientist for the day. Look out for birds in your backyard and record your findings on inaturalist. You’ll be amazed at the number of different and interesting species of birds that live around your home.

Play backyard games

Gather the family together and learn how to play new backyard games this Father’s Day. Backyard games are not only fun and a great way the whole family can spend quality time together, but they also don’t cost a cent as there’s no equipment required. Learn how to play 10 new backyard lawn games here. You’re guaranteed to all have a great time together!

Outdoor movie night

If your dad’s a movie buff, bring the cinema to him with an outdoor movie night! String up a sheet, hire a projector or move your TV outside if you can, and set up some beanbags or comfortable chairs. Give your dad the ultimate cinema experience by offering him traditional cinema treats like choc-tops and popcorn. Your dad will feel extra special sitting outside under the stars watching his favourite movie!

Build a native bee house

There are more than 1500 species of native bees in Australia that play an important environmental role in pollinating plants, especially native flora. Unlike honeybees, native bees are solitary and nest in tiny hollows and nooks. Give the native bees in your dad’s garden a safe place to live and raise their young by building a native bee house with your dad on Father’s Day. Bound together various-shaped twigs, bamboo hallows, and untreated logs with drill holes in them. Pack it tightly into a container that has one end sealed and place it in a safe spot in your garden out of the elements. Native bees will nest in the small spaces safely away from predators.

Start a flower garden

If your dad loves gardening, surprise him on Father’s Day by helping him to start a flower garden. Gift him seeds and sow them together. He’ll love spending quality time with you creating a new flower garden he can enjoy for months to come. Shop seed gifts here.

Camp in your backyard and stargaze

Backyard camping is an activity the whole family will enjoy on Father’s Day. Set up a campsite in your backyard and enjoy sleeping under the stars for the night. Tell spooky stories and toast marshmallows over a firepit if your council area permits. Dad will love the effort you’ve put in to recreate his favourite adventure.

Make seed bombs

If your dad loves getting his hands dirty, he’ll love making seed bombs for his garden. Seed bombs are balls of dirt, clay and seeds that can be thrown into a barren field or hard to reach space in your garden. Once the seed bombs break down, the seeds will germinate and bloom. Seed bombs are fun, easy and affordable to make. Your dad will love bombing his garden with his homemade seed bombs. Learn how to make seed bombs here.

Fly a kite in your backyard

You’re never too old to enjoy flying a kite! If you’ve never flown a kite before, it’s more technical than you may think. If the wind is perfect for flying a kite, spend the day flying one and learning kite flying tricks. Flying a kite is a wonderful activity to bond with your dad.

Backyard putt-putt

If your dad loves golf, set up a mini putt-putt course in your backyard. Think outside the box and use equipment you have around the house to set up a miniature golf course. Your dad will love the challenge of conquering his backyard putt-putt course, and the best part is you can play for as long as you like.

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